Why You Should Be Using IGTV as Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

In early 2023, Instagram launched Instagram TV, better known as IGTV. The newest feature is a huge compliment to classic Instagram videos. What’s different about IGTV is that users can post videos that run anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes long.

IGTV offers a stand-alone app, though videos can be viewed within Instagram. Just as traditional television works, IGTV offers channels. Viewers select the channel they want to watch and voila!

If you’re looking for new ways to improve and enhance your business’ Instagram marketing strategy, now is the time to start looking into IGTV. Here’s how this new feature can benefit your brand.

Video Content is the Present & Future

Did you know that a third of all online activity involves watching a video? Predictions say that by 2023, around 78% of mobile traffic will be video. As a business, this all but decides what your present and future social media marketing campaigns should include.

Video marketing needs to be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy if you want to reach the largest audience possible and continue to grow your brand. Without videos, you’ll lose followers and miss out on growing your brand.

By using Instagram and IGTV, you can give your followers the content they want, and allow them to view it in a way that’s convenient for them.

Increase Brand Visibility

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses that are looking to boost brand visibility and recognition. By using IGTV, businesses have even more opportunities to drive traffic and to increase visibility through the use of long-form content.

With online video viewership expected to rapidly increase over the next few years, it only makes sense to embrace the latest and greatest ways to provide video content to your Instagram followers.

By actively using IGTV, you can extend your video marketing and overall social media reach.

Educate & Entertain Your Audience

Demo and tutorial videos are some of the most popular types of content. Knowing this, you can leverage IGTV as your go-to platform to post these kinds of videos. Because IGTV support videos up to 10 minutes long, you have the time you need to provide viewers with the information that you want them to know.

When creating educational and entertaining videos on IGTV, you can:

  • Showcase your products
  • Explain the benefits of your products
  • Show how what you offer is different
  • Explain how your products can be incorporated into everyday life

You can also use IGTV as a place to post explainer videos. With this type of content, you can launch new products, introduce your brand, and share how your business came to be.

It’s Inexpensive

Budgeting can be a challenge, especially for small businesses. Maybe you’ve already exhausted your budget by spending money to buy Instagram followersand now you’re left with very little funds to add to your marketing plan.

With so many expenses that you have to cover on a monthly basis, it can be hard to put a large number of dollars towards marketing. But the good news is that a new strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be costly.

Many assume that creating video content is expensive and that it requires specialized equipment, but, in reality, if you own a smartphone, you’ve got everything you need to create video content that your followers want to see.

IGTV is designed for mobile video content. Videos are played in a vertical format and can range in length. You can create amazing videos by using tools that allow you to add music, captions, and other fun graphic elements to your videos.

More Chances to Interact & Engage

A brand is only successful when it understands the importance of interaction and engagement on social media. Because IGTV gives businesses much more time to share information, there’s more room for creativity without having the need to rush in order to fit everything into a 60-second timeframe.

When there’s more time to be creative and to tap into your business’ personality, it’s much easier to create content that captivates your audience. This means more likes, comments, and shares, which increases the chance of new people being introduced to your brand.

Develop a New Community

As a business, you can view IGTV as a modern form of television. This means that you can share weekly video segments, which in essence allows you to create an online television show. Imagine being able to create binge-worthy content that drives leads and sales!

By posting weekly videos that are all related and interconnected, you’re able to provide the consistency that audiences love. When followers know that they can expect the next episode every Friday morning, you can ensure that they’ll be tuning in to watch.


Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to improve your existing video marketing strategy, one platform that you want to embrace is IGTV. By getting into the world of long-form content, you can better share information, attract new followers, and build your brand in a much less crowded arena.