Why We Love Mobile Games and You Should Too!

Few areas of the gaming industry have grown as quickly and become as important to publishers as mobile games. As a result, mobile games are the first entry point for almost every young gamer today. Previously, children started their journey with Doodle Jump; with the advent of smartphones, Fruit Ninja was a breakthrough, and now giants of hyper casual games like Brawlstars and PUBG have filled the mobile market. 

The main task of developing a mobile game (as opposed to a console game) is to ensure players can play games anytime, anywhere. But what is the reason for such a love for mobile games from an early age? Let’s figure it out together in this article.

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Mobile Game Allows You to Be Who You Want 

The first reason for great love is imitation and complete immersion in the setting of the desired game. It is not easy for many people to be who they would like to be in real life. Games provide a good opportunity to express yourself. They allow you to choose any character you want to be. Everyone would like to be a hero who saves a woman from a mugger or someone who is not afraid to speak out against something immoral in society. In games, a person can live the life he wants. It can also help people feel satisfied. Now, with top-notch visual quality in games, players are immersed in the game and sometimes momentarily forget that they are just playing their favorite game on a gaming platform.

Graphics – Visual Love and Admiration

Since we mentioned the visual component of games, it would be logical to say the graphics in modern games. You can create a good pixel game or a 3D game, and both will be successful in people’s eyes. A visually good game attracts every gamer. An aesthetically pleasing gaming environment with good graphics will be one of the incentives to keep playing your favorite game. You will contemplate, without stopping, the stunning visual effects of video games. Mobile gaming is the best because companies spare no resources at all stages and outsource game art, level design, or character design services. But even in such a hurry, game art outsourcing prices allow you to save the budget and release a magnificent project significantly.

Socialization and Gaming Community

Social connection and communication with friends and acquaintances in games is another great opportunity that video games give us. Quite often, a game that is quite average in a friendly company begins to play with new colors. Many people play mediocre games for months and years because of the rather friendly community and the reluctance to lose old friends and acquaintances online. Social connections are very important for people and are great for practicing friendship at a distance, which sometimes develops into live communication and meetings in real life. In the end, no matter how cool single-player casual games are, gutting zombies, aliens, evil spirits, other players, and friends is a different pleasure.

The Excitement of Competitiveness

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Another reason to play mobile games can be singled out – the desire to assert oneself and surpass competitors. After all, many players spend hundreds of hours in competitive games, wanting to achieve high results and feel the sweetness of dominating the enemy. Indeed, in the real world, it is possible to do something like this, but it is highly undesirable, and the norms of society and the law do not encourage such behavior. Another thing is virtual worlds, where you can give freedom to your inner dominator and reveal your superiority over skillful opponents. As a result, you can see cyber-positive mobile gaming tournaments of various scales. Remember hyper casual Clash Royale tournaments on big stages and with decent (for mobile games) prize money.

Mind Upgrade

It sounds absurd? – however, it is not. That is why this reason is on the last line of our list. If you play games with a historical focus, you will learn history. What about free play games in the genre of novels with elements of psychology or horror? There are so many categories that we are even afraid to list them. Many games can also teach geography and many other things, so if you don’t want to, you don’t have to study all that at universities (but it’s still better sometimes to study material at university). In addition, it will also improve eye coordination and help you make decisions faster.

Final Words

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Gamification marketing offers thousands of free games with a hyper casual gaming style. This style made mobile gaming affordable because you carry your gaming device in your pocket. Any player could play games in different genres and directions. Moreover, the free games market is filled with high-quality content that could cost at least 10-20 dollars.

As you can see, there are reasons to love games or casual gaming and indulge in this pastime for people of any age, status, etc. In addition, we are sure you can add to this list more reasons why it is absolutely normal and not shameful to play games and love them. It is only important, as in any other pleasure, to observe a reasonable measure. And this is where our adventure comes to an end. See you again and play good games.

Article by Born Realist