Which area in the UK has the worst roads?

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Local councils advise drivers to do some research on the condition of the roads before going on holiday this summer or taking a trip on the weekend. Many roads in the UK contain potholes. The ones with the highest numbers should be avoided. Since potholes are easy to overlook while driving, they can cause serious accidents. Aside from endangering passengers in the vehicle, they may also damage the car or the motorcycle itself.

Cornwall has the highest number of potholes in the UK

In a recent study, motorbike insurance provider, Carole Nash, investigated which locations around the UK have the best roads because of their low number of reported potholes. Key findings include that there are an estimated 1.7 million of them in various areas of the UK.

According to the study by Carole Nash, Cornwall has the most reported number of potholes. Local councils found a total of 210,311 potholes here, making it a dangerous area to drive in. The holes in the road were found by the Cornwall Council between the years 2017 and 2023. Cambridgeshire is close second with 184,402 cavities in the road.

Areas with the least amount of potholes

The best roads with the least number of reports were discovered in London. Kensington and Chelsea Councils only found 141 potholes in these areas, making them safe to drive in by comparison.

What is defined as a pothole?

How important road repairs are is demonstrated by the number of car accidents that result from driving into potholes, causing vehicles to swerve, skid or stop very suddenly.

Usually, a pothole is formed if cracks in the road aren’t sealed. It only takes about 3 years for a hole large enough to cause damage to form. The most common cause is water and rain which widens small cracks and makes the structure of paved roads deteriorate over time. Councils need to inspect the conditions of roads regularly and report how many potholes or dangers are found. The majority of councils define a pothole as a cavity in the road that is at least 40mm deep.

Where are potholes being repaired quickly?

Repairing potholes is expensive and many counties have invested large amounts of money for repairs to keep the roads safe. Wiltshire spent the most with £69 million between 2017 and 2023, News Shopper reports. Warwickshire spent £51 million, Cheshire West and Chester £39 million and Kent spent £34 million on repairing potholes, according to the website.

Taking precautions to stay safe on the road is especially important before taking long trips. Local councils can provide more information about the safest roads and the number of potholes to look out for.

Article by Born Realist