Holiday Closings: What’s Closed On Good Friday 2023

What's Closed On Good Friday

Good Friday is coming on 30th March this year and marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and will be followed by the long Easter weekend and will include Easter Monday on April 2nd. The religious holiday is a federally celebrated holiday in the UK but is not celebrated federally in the US as a whole, but is observed in 12 states (including New Jersey and several counties across the country), for those of our readers from the States, the next federal holiday coming your way now is the Memorial Day (Monday, May 29th).

Are you wondering what is and isn’t closed on Good Friday? Well, we made a list of the things you can get done and can’t get done during the Easter long weekend. But first of all let’s see why Good Friday is celebrated;

First of All, Why is Good Friday Celebrated?

What's Closed On Good Friday

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Good Friday is a Christian holiday celebrated across the globe by believers and marks the crucifixion of the Christ and his death. The date varies every year and it is considered a legal holiday in several countries and is strictly observed in some like Germany where dancing and horse racing is banned to keep from profaning the serious nature of the day. The name Good Friday stems from the word “Holy” and is known as “mourning Friday” in Germany and “Long Friday” in Nordic countries. It is observed during the Holy week and at times coincides with the Jewish Passover observance.

Now, what’s closed on Good Friday:

What’s Closed on Good Friday? The Banks are:

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Are Banks Open on Good Friday 2023? If you’re living in the UK you can’t get any withdrawals or get any business done at the bank because due to the Good Fridays legal observance status, it is remarked as a national holiday and for several people, the closing of banks starts off their long weekend. Of course, that doesn’t mean all offices will be closing, you should check out the bank’s website you’re wishing to inquire about and see what their timetable is. If you are celebrating Good Friday in the States then you are in luck because most banks will be open, but check out their website just-in-case.

What’s Closed on Good Friday? The Courts are:

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The courts will remain closed on Good Friday, so you’ll have to delay all your legal work till after Easter weekend. This goes for both our U.S and U.K readers, the courts observe Good Friday as a legal holiday.

What’s Closed on Good Friday? The Schools are:

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Are you hoping to get away for a bit with your kids and take a few days off? Well, Easter might just be the time for you, most schools across the UK and America will be closed for the Easter weekend, but most schools still have the authority to keep their gates open for school so you might want to check in with the school before you leave or might just be facing a hefty fine when you get back.

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What’s Closed on Good Friday? The Courier Isn’t:

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Courier services will go on as usual and the good news is that you’ll be getting your packages without any serious delay on Good Friday, the same cannot be said for the Easter weekend because the postal service will observe the public holiday as per government regulations, this goes for readers in the UK. In the USA on the other hand, postal services will resume work and will not be closing because the government regulations do not allow it and you’ll be getting your post just fine.

What’s Closed on Good Friday? The Trains Aren’t:

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The trains and buses will be running as scheduled on Friday across the UK, though it might be a good idea to check up on schedule and things will go smoothly in the US.

What’s Closed on Good Friday? The Shops Aren’t:

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Most of the establishments will keep their doors open on Good Friday and some will close for Easter Sunday in the US, the same can be said for the UK, and if you’re hoping to go shopping with the family after being busy all week, you’re in luck.

What’s Closed on Good Friday? The Motor Vehicle Commision is:

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Don’t go around trying to review your driver’s license on Good Friday if you’re a Brit, the motor vehicle commission will remain closed. Though you might be in luck if you’re in the US since Good Friday isn’t a public holiday.

What’s Closed on Good Friday? The Stock Market Is:

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The stock market for most of Europe, the States and Toronto will remain closed on Good Friday and will open for the States on Easter Monday and for the UK after Easter Monday.

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