What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Your Web and Mobile App Projects?

Development outsourcing is a business strategy in which a company performs its main business tasks with the help of its own (internal) staff and transfers non-core tasks into the hands of external contractors – outsourcing companies.

In recent years, web applications have replaced many not only desktop but also mobile applications. This is not surprising – they are simple to use, they do not require binding to a specific device and run in all popular browsers.

Modern websites make our online experience so comfortable that we don’t think about the technologies hiding in them. You will want to understand modern approaches to web and mobile development and choose the most suitable for your goals.

It is accepted that there are three popular design patterns for web applications:

  • multipage application (MPA)
  • single page application (SPA)
  • progressive web applications (PWA)
  • In this article, we will consider the features of the development of SPA sites.

Business model and monetization

A business model is how a company operates: what it does, what it does, how it makes a profit from its activities, how it interacts with customers and partners, what it invests in, etc. In the case of a mobile application, its business model can be is aimed at performing a wide variety of tasks. The most obvious one is generating income directly from the application. Another popular option is to serve as a magnet to attract target audiences by indirectly increasing brand reach or helping to sell products elsewhere.

If you choose the first option, here’s how you can do it:

  • Freemium model. These applications can be downloaded for free and used without any payment, but not 100%. Some features and / or content will be blocked. It will be possible to get access to blocked items only through a purchase or by subscribing.
  • Paid (premium) apps. To use these apps, you need to buy them in the store, just like you would a regular product in a supermarket. This approach creates a price barrier to entry, so when launching such an application, you need to develop a marketing strategy that demonstrates the advantage of your software over free competitors.
  • In-app purchases. In this model, your mobile app will serve as a sales channel for digital or physical products such as branded merchandise or exclusive content.
  • Advertising in apps. This is perhaps the simplest and most affordable monetization model of all, because users will be able to use your application for free, which removes any barriers to entry. But be careful with the amount of ads, as too many banners and ad insertions can scare people away.

Benefits of IT outsourcing

Rapid deployment – By outsourcing development to a vendor, a project can be released much faster than an in-house team could. The company can also release several projects at the same time, bringing together its own and external teams.

Enhanced Quality – Most outsourcing service providers have an independent QC team that verifies the accuracy of the code and provides the customer with error-free software. In addition, they can run various types of testing like performance, security, usability, etc. What makes your website animation examples invulnerable and high performance at peak loads.

How to create a mobile application?

Preparation. At this stage, think about what problems your customers will help solve the application. To do this, conduct a survey, listen to all complaints and suggestions. You can ask directly: we are going to make a mobile application, what functions would you be interested in?

See how competitors are doing it. Nobody forbids borrowing business ideas, but you don’t need to blindly copy them. 

Contact the professionals. There are enough mobile application developers on the market who will not only do the technical part of the work, but also give practical advice.

Build the app yourself. There are services like online website builders that anyone can master. Here are the most popular ones.

Article by Born Realist