What types of certifications should an ethical hacker earn?

With the advancement of IT technologies, hackers have become a vital cog in the wheel of the entire process. All of us keep on hearing about the destroyers of computer systems and the problems that spring up from time to time. A host of destructive issues flare up, making it difficult for an individual to use the computer safely. To combat the issue of hackers, you have to take an expert’s help who possesses a cyber security expert certification.

The definition of an ethical hacker and how it is different from a computer hacker

Who are hackers! Much more than the good guys who are the normal destructive hackers. Ethical hackers are people hacking on to the computer network to access the security rather than commit any breach of security with a criminal mindset. In computer terminologies, they are referred to as white hat hackers who rely on hacking techniques lawfully and legitimately. Regular hackers are termed as black hat hackers who employ destructive view mainly for phishing purposes. This is the main difference between a computer hacker and an ethical hacker.

In-depth analysis of an ethical hacker

The main task of an ethical hacker is to scan ports and locate vulnerabilities

Another task of an ethical hacker is checking out patch settings, whereby installations can be misused. A hacker is known to participate in social engineering concepts like scavenging in bins for passwords or charts and even resort to mechanisms like diving. All of them can be used to envisage an attack.

Ethical hackers avoid prevention systems and intrusion detection

An ethical hacker bypasses and hacks wireless encryption along with web servers and web applications.

Even they are known to handle problems arising from fraudulent activities of employees or laptop thefts.

Eligibility for becoming an ethical hacker

A person who has in-depth knowledge of networking and programming could go a long way in the field of white hat hackers. It works best for an individual who has an intrusion or forensic analysis. Even security professionals can take up this job profile with ease as an analytical view is a basic criterion for this job role. That is why CISSP and other cybersecurity certifications are also relevant to becoming a successful ethical hacker. With CISSP, ethical hackers could get advanced training and learn a lot when preparing for the exams. With some CISSP books and study guides to study for, it would be easier to pass the certification exam.

The need for ethical hacking certification

This is a qualification evaluated by computer security experts relying on various penetration methods. This certification enables you to become a certified ethical hacker. Your mindset resembles more of cyber security. Let us now explore the benefits of ethical certifications.

You can analyze the risks and vulnerabilities that an organization faces on a day to day basis

The tools of the trade are showcased. Any misconceptions that you might have of hacking are immediately solved. After certification, you will have an idea about the roles and responsibilities of a white hat hacker.

The concept of hacking is much more than hacking into the social account or email account of an individual.

By this certification, you will educate yourself about various types of foot printing or even countermeasures. It is possible to discover what packet sniffing methods are and how you can protect yourself against sniffing.

The certification is going to provide you knowledge about enumeration techniques, networking scanning, or countermeasures. Being a certified professional, you would develop skills in Trojan, countermeasures, and analysis of Trojan.

In the domain of system hacking or hijacking methods, you will gain valuable insights. The working module of the virus, computer worms and countermeasures are illustrated

Finally, how exploits evolve, you might have a fair idea on things that might auger in the long run.

Hacking certifications and their relevance

Certified ethical hacking certification

It is one of the oldest and popular certification programs for ethical hackers. An individual who has undergone certification will have an idea to explore weaknesses or vulnerabilities in target systems. This certificate confirms you are certified in a specific network discipline. For the public, it illustrates that the individual has gone on to meet the specified criteria.


The certification body pen exams or even courses are widely accepted across all countries. Mainly it includes UK, Asia, Europe, and Australia. To deal with issues of cyber security, the industry must work in a constructive manner and share superior knowledge and practice.

Certified penetration testing engineer

This is a certification providing you with expertise and knowledge of 5 information security components – data collection, penetration testing, reporting, exploitation, and scanning. This certification also provides vital insights on how to hack and the procedure to become an ethical hacker. It is rated to be an international certified certification on cyber security with the 5 core credentials.

Certified penetration testing consultant

If you are on the lookout for professionals taking care of your computer systems, then this certification is an apt one for you. In this form of certification, you gain insights about penetration testing with security controls being audited that controls the physical end user.


We are part of a world where threats can spring up all of a sudden without any second invitation. You might not be even aware of how well funded or malicious the threat can be. By the above certifications, you would be wrapped in a hacker’s mindset but even physical security. The conceivable point of entry in an organization comes to the notice.

To sum it up, ethical hacking is available in various forms – white, black, and grey. An ethical hacking course would differentiate among the various hacker types. White hacker goes on to do a good job, whereas black hacker uses it for malicious intent. To solidify your network security, ethical hacking is the main area, which is the sought out skill in an IT expert. In an ethical hacking white hat, hackers train themselves to figure out whether an organization is exposed to any outside threat.

In the professional world, an ethical hacking course provides you with endless opportunities. Now, why this wait? Already you have a fair idea about ethical hackers; just you need to identify the pros and cons. This is the time to explore, figure out what is in store for you.