What to Do Before Installing a Solar Panel System

May 16, 2023: The 3.8-megawatt solar energy system on the rooftops of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan spans 9,600 solar panels across 22 acres. The rooftop solar project is projected to triple Manhattan's solar generation capacity, and will be the largest private multifamily rooftop solar project in the United States at the time of its construction. Photo by Willie Davis/Con Edison

If you are wondering what to do before making one of the best decisions for your home, here is the answer you need. Foremost, you must understand the importance of solar panel installation. It is a process that requires the utmost attention and investment. You need to invest your time both in the pre-installation and post-installation phases. Even while your solar company carries out the installation, you must be there to monitor the process. However, not everyone will have time for this, especially for 9-5 individuals. In this case, you need to hire a solar company you can trust not to substitute quality equipment with a lower standard version.

Have a Financial Plan

Even though solar panels are less expensive than in previous years, the upfront cost still needs to be added to the high side. You must plan your budget and analyze it before signing an agreement with a Los Angeles solar company. Also, make sure the budget is realistic enough to cover your expense. You can research the average market price if you are still determining how much you will need. However, research within your province, specifications, and preferred brands. This is because prices vary with location, your brand choice, and the needs or qualities you want in your solar panel system.

Even if you cannot afford to install a solar panel now for your property in Los Angeles county, budgeting will help raise the money gradually. Since you have an amount you are working towards, you can request funds from friends and families. It also allows you to identify whether solar panels companies are scamming you. More so, do not put too much financial burden on yourself.

Understand How the Solar Panel Components Work

Even though you have yet to gain technical or in-depth knowledge, understand the basics of solar panel operations. An inverter is one of the critical components of solar panels, alongside batteries and photovoltaic cells. Solar companies ensure high-quality inverters that adequately convert trapped solar energy into electrical energy. The inverter also converts Direct Current into Alternating Current, a safer form of electrical power. When energy is trapped in an Alternating Current, it is considered useless. If the solar panel inverter is of poor quality, it will affect the efficiency of your solar panel system.

Confirms the Solar Company Offers a Warranty

While researching your most preferred solar companies, you should consider the available warranty. The best solar panel companies must be able to provide a warranty of between 1 and 3 years. It gives assurance that users will get nothing less than quality installation. What happens if the solar panel is damaged before the warranty period elapses? The company will cover the repair expenses if the damages resulting from technical issues. This way, you can save yourself from unnecessary spending or costs.

Benefits of Solar Panel Systems

Solar panel system offers a lot of benefits to users. Foremost, homeowners can enjoy passive income with the help of the best solar companies. This is usually in the form of a net metering solar panel connection. This allows homeowners to sell stored energy to neighbors during winter. Thus, you do not have to worry whenever there is an insufficient supply of sunlight.

A solar panel system is a renewable and reliable form of energy. It poses no threat to the green environment and reduces pollution. Also, it is available in all seasons and can never be exhausted.

Article by Born Realist