What Is a Website Security Certificate and What Does It Do for Your Business?

Website security has become a very sensitive matter for anyone operating online in the 21st century. We are living in a very fragile digital age where we can hardly go for a couple of months before witnessing a major headline of a serious data breach in the tabloids. We have nation states spying on each other and big corporations conducting espionage. We also have malicious hackers and cyber criminals trying to steal sensitive client information for personal gain.

Regardless of the niche that your website focuses on, it’s now crucial more than ever before to acquire a Comodo Positive SSL certificate for your site to create a layer of security for your website visitors. Usually when you want to visit a certain website from your browser, the information will be transmitted through a chain of computers before reaching the intended web server. This way information could easily fall into the wrong hands. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate does the work of encrypting the information in such a way that it’s only readable by the intended recipient.


Benefits of a Website Security Certificate on Your Business

  1. Makes a Strong Identity Statement for Your Brand

Identity theft is one of the major vices that we are dealing with in the internet age. We have all seen some people purporting to be certain celebrities or business and political leaders online to dupe people into taking some type of action like donating money to a fake course. Phishing is also a very major concern for most web users who want to be sure that they are dealing with the actual legitimate business before providing their personal identifiable information like credit card info, name and address. Acquiring an EV SSL certificate for instance will give prospective visitors every indication that you’re indeed who you say you are, and they can operate on your site safely.

  1. Gives You an Edge in Search Engine Rankings

When you are running an Ecommerce store online or basically any type of a website, your primary goal is usually to be discovered by prospective visitors and buyers. Search engine ranking is directly proportional to your website’s discoverability. Although you may have taken all necessary steps like having great SEO content and making sure your web pages are properly indexed by search engines, Google has made it clear through their HTTPS Everywhere Initiative that websites with valid SSL certificates will be given an upper hand in search engine rankings. If you are searching for a cost-effective SSL certificate, then get a Comodo Positive SSL certificate from SSL2BUY for your site now if you don’t already have one!

  1. Secures Information Transmitted on Your Site

Information security is indeed a sensitive issue in today’s world. We have all seen big corporations like Facebook being slapped with hefty fines for mishandling user information. If you want people to trust your website and transact business with you, you need to strongly show them that you take their information security very seriously. If you run an ecommerce store or a membership site for instance, people provide highly sensitive info like credit card details, email address, full names and so on and one way to make them feel safe when doing so is having that padlock and https on the URL bar which only a SSL certificate can offer you. If you run into any SSL problems, visit SupportHost to find hotfixes and get back to being secure.

  1. Makes Your Compliant with The Payment Card Industry (PCI)

The main objective for any business out there is to make money. Now if you plan on making any sales and accepting payments on your website, you must comply with the commandments of the Payment Card Industry one of which is having a valid SSL certificate installed on your website. If you’re a small business that’s just starting out, you can take advantage of free SSL certificate on initial base that can give you the knowledge and security for your business.

  1. Enables You to Secure Your Sub-domains

If you are a big enterprise that runs several Sub-domains apart from your main website, you can acquire a Wildcard SSL certificate that enables you to secure all your Sub-domains with one single certificate. Instead of just securing your main site and leaving the others exposed which could harm your brand or having to acquire separate certificates for each Sub-domain which can be quite costly and unmanageable so, a Wildcard website security certificate will cover all areas of your business and keep your customers happy.

  1. Brings About Trust and Increased Conversions

Trust is the fuel that empowers you to succeed in business. When you take the step of getting an Organization Validated (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for your business for instance, this shows prospective customers that you are indeed a very serious business that leaves no room to error. This way they can trust you fully which automatically leads to more open purses. Customers are guaranteed to settle for a highly secure website for all their present and future purchases. This will in turn make your sales and conversions high in near future!

  1. Authenticates Your Business

Although the online space has created immense business opportunities where new startups no longer need a fat bank account to start operating thanks to avenues like drop shipping. However, the internet business world is also risky because you could be walking into a trap as you are not dealing with a physical business that you can see. Therefore, getting a top-level website security certificate like an EV SSL certificate sees you go through inspection of business-related documents where the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) must ascertain your business details like your location, registration and every sensitive detail about your business. This way when customers visit your site, they will see the green URL bar that signifies top level security and they can also access your business details like company name and location.


When the going gets tough, the tough keep going. This saying is indeed true in the ever-dynamic online business space. Although cyber criminals and hackers are getting increasingly creative and clever, you can still stay ahead of the game by keeping up with advancements in the website security space. Acquiring an SSL certificate is a step in the right direction because it will not only secure the information transmitted on your site but it will also assure all prospective customers that you can indeed be trusted which will in turn lead to increased conversions for your business. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!