What is a Fade Haircut? And 5 Best Fade Haircuts for Men

You might come across the word fade haircut many times. But are you still confused and worried about how it would look on you? Do not worry, we have got it all covered. 

This hairstyle came into lime light around the 1950s. The fade hairstyle had a smart style yet it was slightly on the edgy side.

What is the meaning of fade hair cut?

A fade haircut depicts a gradient of length that creates a faded effect from a light tone to a darker tone. The hair normally fades towards the skin of ear and sometimes to an extremely short hair length. You can choose from a low fade, medium fade (mid fade), or high fade. Each one of them has a completely different look. A high fade haircut generally means the higher the fade is, the less coverage you will be left with, and the lower the fade, the more coverage.

A low fade cut will subtly taper down the head with very short cuts around the ear, while a high fade will leave you with hair at the top and the least to no hair around the ears. The medium fade or mid fade will naturally fall in between the low fade and the high fade haircut.

High fade haircuts are very high maintenance as well. You will need to have routine or regular trips to your barber to clean up and maintain the high faded look. If clean haircuts are all you are looking for then you should be ready to take salon trips more frequently. The freshly cut faded hair only stays for a span of 4-5 days after which a retouch is absolutely necessary. Therefore plan your cut just prior to any event like marriage, date, interview, etc.

What are the best 5 fade haircuts for you? 

  1. Buzz Cut With Quick Fade:

Short all-over head, this fade haircut is donned by many celebrities and it is the best for hassle-free mornings. We see Zayn Malik pulling off this hairstyle and this fade cut gives a sleek, suave, and clean look with a lot of satisfying angles.

  1. Low Fade Buzzed Cut along With Line Up:

Well this is one of the fuss-free morning cuts that are low maintenance. However, this cut needs a salon visit to trim it up once in a while. You can have a medium to short hair length at the top fading towards the ear. In the area where the fading begins, a clean- cut line is made to demarcate between the top mop area and the area where the fading starts. This hairstyle is donned by GI Joe.

  1. Low Taper Faded cut With Textured Top:

If you are not sure about letting your top mop length go then this is the best cut you can get. You can save your hair at the center top with a texture and low taper fade. This hairstyle will keep you party or event ready but will also look dapper and smart in the office.

  1. Low Drop Fade With Pompadour:

It is a mixture of the 20s low fade and the 50s pompadour. This cut has a low drop fade with a pompadour top. This haircut is very elegant. We saw Elvis Presley donning this hairstyle.

  1. Box Fade:

Afro hair cannot go wrong with this choice of haircut. This cut lets your afro hair remain at the top with a clean and tidy fade towards your ears. The edge is fantastically angular just like a box. It has a very sharp and neat look.

I hope this article with help you decide your best fade haircut. If you wanna see more hairstyles and beard styles, you can take a look at Beardlong 

Stay stylish! 

Article by Born Realist