We bet you didn’t know this about Waqar Zaka issue

Pakistan’s renowned TV host Waqar Zaka’s brutal assault video has taken over the internet since the past 2 days.

How it all went down..


It all started at a cafe where he was having dinner at 2 am. A group of guys and girls started making his video to which he objected saying, “How would they react if I did the same?”. While he was on his way out, the TV host was brutally attacked by a guy with around 10 to 12 gunmen (guards).

What Waqar claims:

The whole assault was planned around 2 days before, just for the sake of winning a bet.

Fact 1: How they fled the scene:

In order to have a safe exit from the whole scenario, the boys planned a heist against Waqar that he harassed the girls in their group because of which the whole beating thing is quite justified.


Here’s how he Really reacted:

Instead of using the resources and power of being a media person, he filed a proper case against the culprits just like any normal citizen of the country would do.

But something seems fishy here!

Waqar can be simply trying to gain sympathy of the people over a cause after his personal issue.

He refers to the issue as the “Security Guard Culture”. But if we apply human psychology which Waqar seems to master, this whole issue could be considered as a very selfish act and a clear misuse of being a person associated with the media. The issue is still pending in the hand of the authorities.

But who are we to judge?