Waqar Zaka just patched things up with Junaid & it’s the Most unusual thing you’ll see Today

After the famous “Trimmer Lao” trend went viral on social media. Waqar decided to patch things up with Junaid, after all how else would all this end?

Here’s how how the bromance went down..


Late at night Waqar released this video to notify people how the 2 brothers “Misunderstood” eachother. Well it all makes sense now…doesn’t it?

I mean all those viral videos and all the drama created on social media was just part of  this “misunderstanding”, Right?

Our thoughts on this :

We believe at looking at the brighter side of things. Sure, Waqar’s issue created a huge drama on social media but that’s what most of us use it for. It’s not unusual to see such trends popping up here and there. I guess it’s time to say good bye to that trend and start looking for a new one, no?

What you should learn from Waqar vs Junaid :

Regardless of how much someone humiliated you, how much they beat you up and No Matter how much they want to shave your head with a trimmer. Once they apologize for it, you two will automatically Brothers. I mean that is the Bro code after all..

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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