4 Truths About Fear We Tend To Overlook

Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. All of us fear many different things , ideas and even people that we encounter in our daily life. Fear if allowed can take over our life in many ways , it can be mentally or physically as well. Fear is a human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat. But despite of knowing its aftereffects many people choose to live in fear of certain things and people, as if they are unaware of the significance fear holds regarding personal growth. However, when people live in constant fear, whether physical or mental threats they perceive, they at times become incapacitated.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield.

Living under the influence of fear we at times tend to overlook the following things

4. Fear as a comforting zone:

The things or people we fear are actually at times not the things we fear , they are just a way for us to avoid them. At times we hide behind the label of fear just because we don’t want to do something. Here many people will not understand my point but don’t get me wrong. Hiding behind the fear label doesn’t make the things we fear any less scary. It doesn’t make your reasoning for being afraid of these things or people any less justifiable. The truth remains the same that the mindset we created out of the fear often serves as a comfort zone we are not willing to let go of.

3. Fear isn’t a Permanent thing:

In life there’s nothing which is permanent. Everything is meant to be changed at one point or the other. This is a bitter fact that people forget generally. People stay under the threat of fear all the time. But the fact is fear is not a permanent thing like all others. It may seem as if the things or the people we fear are just small things that are not of any higher importance as long as it’s “out of sight, out of mind” .Staying under the fear shouldn’t hold a permanent space in our lives. Fear doesn’t have to be permanent just because of the hack of it. Fear won’t stay there till we allow it to be there.

Why Failing to do Something Should be Least of your Worries

2. Fear is often disguised as disinterest:

“Some of the best things that have ever happened to us wouldn’t have happened to us, if it weren’t for some of the worst things that have ever happened to us.”  ‘Mokokoma Mokhonoana’

At times the things we claim we don’t want to participate in are actually the things we actually fear. It’s easy to decline anything that makes us uncomfortable, justifying it with simple disinterest. The truth is that often the disinterest often stems from thoughts of not being good enough, being ridiculed, or being afraid to get hurt. If you refrain from anything due to those types of feelings, you are acting out of fear of that very thing. That’s not to say that it’s always a bad thing. There are some healthy fears we have that actually work to keep us as safe as possible and making smart decisions. However it’s important to not allow yourself to continue to disguise fears that hinder your growth as lack of interest.

1. Fear often acts as a Disease:

As there are diseases in our body fear has the potential to cripple our personal and mental growth and keeps us away from giving our best. None of us will ignore a killing disease in our body then why at times we tend to ignore fears which effect our mental or physical health. We must understand the fact that both have the potential to spiral out of control, limiting us in many ways. The best way to deal with fear is to first admit the fear exists, as we would have to come to terms with a diagnosis of a disease, in order to even begin seeking treatment or change. Firstly addressing the fears you have is very important and once one is done with that the next step would be to overcome them.

Fear of Disease killed more than the Fear itself”. ‘Mahatama Gandhi’

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Article by Born Realist