These Are the Types of People You Should Trust In Business and Life

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In life, no matter which field you’re in, there are always going to be people who would deceive you and try to take advantage of you. Whether its friendship, business or dating you will be cheated on. People will lie to you and try to hurt you. That’s because when we start something new, we’re too excited and inexperienced.  This would not imply that you will never be deluded again, in spite of the fact that we could make arrangement of channels that could shield us from those people.

trust quotes

This article will demonstrate to you proper methods to trust individuals in business and for the duration of your life. First off, you need to determine the level of trust in a person. To do that I will state 4 levels of trust. You have to identify everyone in one of those categories. Secondly I will uncover the types of lies people tell.

The Levels of Trust and Who to Trust In

1. No Trust:

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These people are basically unknown to you. You do not trust them for anything whatsoever. They do not have any sort of track record. For example, every stranger you meet.

2. Performance History:

People in this category have a performance history. They could have been recommended by a friend or they might have a great record history in the past. For example, an acquaintance of yours.

3. Trustworthy:

The people who fit in this classification are the people you trust to a degree however not to the highest amount. You can give them task with knowing that it would be done with their 80-90%. He could be like a teammate you could count on. For example, a friend you count on

4. Right-hand man:

This person is usually the only person you would ever deem worthy of all of your trust. Now, you might disagree and think that you trust the person who sits in the next office as a good friend and what not, however at the end of the day who is it that you would give the password of your bank account? Is it really the person who sits in the next office (unless your right hand man DOES sit in the next office)?

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The people around you during business may seem like flowers but they are genuinely the serpent hiding underneath the flower. These individuals may even support you in huge numbers of the choices you take and they may even attempt to get nearer to you by sparing time in your own life yet they could utilize all that you let them know against you at whatever time but your trust level is what matters. Obviously, nobody needs lamentable things to transpire, yet the awful circumstances are the circumstances to know who will stick by you through various challenges. Your right hand person would be the kind of person you’d like to give your bank account details to


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Analyze the people around you and identify them in these categorize. Make a list of people you’re working with and know how to defend yourself against them and to what extent you place your trust in them.

The Types of Lies:-

To defend yourself against lies of others, you first need to determine what type of lie it is. Here I will let you know the six types of lies.

1.White Lies

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So what are white lies? It’s when your child asks “Dad! How well did I play that football game.” And even though you know he wasn’t that good, you still reply “Son! You’re going to be the next Ronaldo.” Sure, it makes you a liar, but it’s a white lie. These lies are not prohibited to speak, in fact they boost the other person’s confidence level.


The second one is theft or as we may call it Plagiarism. These lies are spoken by people to steal. Regardless of whether it’s thought or something they gained from another person, they never concede or offer credit to the real proprietor. The major example I would give in this fact would be social media. People would claim that they originally came up with this idea or its all ‘natural’ to them but actually it’s not.


Exaggeration is another form of lying. Now we all know what exaggerated lies are. We might even hear them on a daily basis. Most commonly, these lies are told by sales people. You’ll hear a lot of sales people say stuff like “We’re only lowering this price for YOU” but in reality, they do it for everyone.

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4.Persistent lies

Persistent lies are actually the most dangerous. Dangerous because you cannot trust a word they’re saying. The people who lie persistently and compulsively do it just to make their business better. But when they’re caught, their score/level drops from hundred to zero. Compulsive liars make it so often to them that they, themselves, don’t even know when they’re lying.

5.Not be counted on

These lies are from the people who don’t never actually keep their word. They would say that the given task would be completed within this time period but it doesn’t. They’re unreliable and cannot be counted on.


The deceivers are the people who would only give you information that would directly or indirectly benefit them, but they would make it seem to you that they’re giving you information because they want to benefit you. These people are selfish and only care about themselves but somehow are able to trick others in believing they’re not benefiting themselves.
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Self-Analysis and Exercise:

Now you know the formula for who to trust in business but you yourself need to analyze the people near you in business. Ask yourself these 3 questions during observations.

  • What type of lie is this person telling?
  • What trust level should I keep him in?
  • Will my business progress because of this person?

trust quotes

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur, knowing who to trust when settling on choices and how to recognize the various types of liars are imperative abilities to learn.

NOTE: This Article has been inspired by Patrick Bet-David