13 Questions That Will Reveal Your True Self

We all arrived on this earth with a purpose, and the very purpose lies deep within ourselves. There is a chance that you have already discovered your purpose and are set on to your desired path but there is also a chance that you are still in epic contest with your inner self. Your life is meaningful and there is a purpose you want to uncover for yourself because there is an intense yearning within everyone to reveal the very purpose of their lives. And when you have finally disclosed the true purpose nothing can stop you from exposing your true identity to others. But the question arises: how do you reveal your life’s purpose and know your true selfEvery one person is different from the second one and your purpose might also change with the course of time but this article will provide you with the accurate tool to guide yourself along the journey and whenever you try to know your true self, ask yourself these questions. These will guide you towards your answer.

13. What is my identity?

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Wherever you go, you take your identity with you, it is your baggage. Identity is not our gender but how we see ourselves or how we view others and the world. It is an amalgamation of your experiences, social relationships, exposure to various emotions, personality and other characteristics. If you don’t know what your identity is, you will probably feel lost in this world. Question yourself occasionally “what is your true self?” Because these potential influences that shape our identity, they change, and this requires you to question yourself daily or may be twice a day.

12. What’s my life’s philosophy?

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To know your basic outlook of life, you need to ask yourself this question. Do you see the world with positive attitude or on contrary the negative one? Or you believe in live and let live? Do you believe in helping or you just don’t care about others? The list can continue but you need to figure out what is really your life’s motto and what are the rules you live by? Ask yourself this question and get a clear image of what your true self is.

11. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

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This is the tricky one, which can get out most about your personality. Think about the most favorite thing about yourself, if you have think about it it will probably tell you what kind of person you are and what do yo like about your life and if you haven’t thought about it then my friend you might not have a positive approach towards yourself which is the most crucial element of your personality.

10. What was the worst thing that ever happened to me?

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The happy moments of your life may not influence your personality as much as your pain can do. Your worst moments can shape you accordingly, and they have the capacity to change your perspective about life and the world. Think about the worst thing that ever happened to you, had it consumed your life with negativity? If yes then you need to work on it and prevent it from ever happening again.

9. If money was no object, what would I do in life?

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This can not be denied that most of us run after money because our basic necessities are bought with it. But this question could be a life turner for you if you ask yourself. What would you be like if earning money would not be your priority and how would then you respond to your life? This will allow you to think in this case, how would you spend your time? There could be countless answers to this question but do try asking yourself, this will reveal who you really are and what is your true self!

8. If I could turn back time and do anything differently, would I?

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I bet many of us had wish for this. Though we all make mistakes, after all we are humans and they tend to commit mistakes. Our mistakes also shape the way we are, many of us would not care at all after committing mistakes and many of us have the baggage full of regrets. In both cases, it dictates what kind of person you are if you regret your mistakes, you have the capacity to change yourself in a better way. We all know the fact we can not go back to where we committed the mistake but we have the power to know ourselves better and change for the betterment of our own selves.

7. What failure still haunts me to this day?

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We all have been failed in our lives and these failures define what kind of person we are. There are two kinds of people, one who fail and live their life in failure, two who fails and works hard to get out of their failure. Now you have to choose what kin of person you are! If you are the former one then you need to get out of it because now is the time to let go of your failures and strive to get more out of your life.

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6. What achievement am I proudest of?

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As failures are part of our life so are our achievements. Recall your best achievement and think about the changes it has brought into your life. May be your best achievement was your promotion, or you married your childhood love, or you topped your college exams, and so on. These achievements might have changed you as a person, think about that change and that will describe one part of your true self.

5. When I’m stressed, do I react rationally or impulsively?

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It is pretty straight froward question. Your reaction to any situation when stressed or emotionally distressed compels you to act according to the two choices mentioned above. This is the moment which tells you how you have shaped your personality through out your life. A person acting the former way will have a sense of responsibility towards him/her and people around. On the other hand a person reacting in the latter manner do not think before acting and suffers at his own hands. Which one are you?

4. What kind of ideas come to me in the shower?

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Many of you can relate to this question. As taking shower is the most relaxing part of the day and many inspirational ideas come to our minds when we are relaxed. Well ideas can be of any sort, they can be motivational, funny, naughty, helpful etc etc. These ideas help you mold your personality and you act accordingly. So if you want to achieve something in life, next time you take shower be aware of what kind of inspiration comes to you while you’re getting so fresh and so clean.

3. Am I an early riser or night owl?

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It doesn’t matter if you are any one of the option, but the point is how are you utilizing that time when you are awake? If you are that point of your life when you should be settled by now, but somehow are not then you need to think of making some positive changes to your routine so you can put your best self forward in life.

2. What gives me energy?

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Use your energy level as your guide. Those activities that suits your purpose or your personality will raise your energy level and on contrary the activities that do not interests you can drain your energy. Think about what excites you? What are you passionate about? You can easily figure out what excites you by simply being mindful of what excites you. Doing something passionately will describe who you are as a person and what is your true self.

1. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

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We are who we are, and what shapes us depends upon the external factors, the potential influences of the outer world. This world as we see it, it’s form is determined by its people that is us and if we criticize it, we are criticizing ourselves or the people around us. If you do one good deed, it affects many others and same goes with if you commit one bad deed, it will affect many people around you. Now it depends on you, either you want to change the world or yourself, and the world will change accordingly.

Bringing it all together: Consistently ask yourself these questions and you will uncover your life purpose, as well as help bring it to fruition. Answering these questions reveals a bit more about your true self. Appreciate yourself, love yourself, acknowledge what you’d like to change, and find your true identity!

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Article by Born Realist