10 Ways To Help You Save Money To Travel The World

Wish to travel the world but never seem to have enough money? You try to save up for the much awaited vacation but then something comes up and your travel budget gets messed up? You try again and again but never seem to have enough money saved for a trip? If you are going through such troubles and desperately want a vacation then here are some tips that will help you save up money to travel the world.

10.Create A Budget:

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It often happens that you don’t know where all your money go even when you try to save up. The first thing to do to travel the world is creating a budget. Do it on excel or a plain paper but list down each and every expense. Do it for a month or two to see where all your money go and cut out extra expenses from the list.

9. Sell Items:

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Everyone has items that they no longer use. Sell them in a garage sale or online on EBay or Amazon. This will instantly boost up your savings to travel the world and on the plus side, you’ll get rid of all the extra things covering your space.

8. Stop Buying:

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It looks simple but in reality its quite difficult if you are a shopaholic or have a thing for latest accessories and gadgets. What you should do is simply ask yourself this question ‘Do I really need it?’. If the answer is ‘No’ then stop right there instantly.

7. Budget Friendly Entertainment:

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There are plenty of things out there that cost little or no money at all, where you can go for outing or socializing with friends. Instead of hanging out, invite friends over. To be able to travel the world, eat out less and have snacks on the go. Get free memberships to places instead of buying expensive meals.

6. Best Interest Rate:

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One thing, find a bank with good interest bearing savings account. Secondly, don’t go for accounts where you have to pay monthly fees to have an account and can easily save up to travel the world.

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5. Automatic Savings Transfer:

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Once you have figured the specific amount of money you can save from your budget, have your bank automatically transfer it to savings every month or two weeks, whatever you prefer and don’t touch it till the required amount is saved to travel the world.

4. Save on Utilities:

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Turn off lights when not using them, dry out clothes in summer, get rid of cable with channels you never watch. In short, try to save up when you have an alternative.

3. Stick To The Shopping List:

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When you go out shopping, make a list of things that are really necessary and just buy those. Try to eat healthy and buy fresh food instead of processed goods, as it is unhealthy and expensive as well. No matter what, just stick to the list if you want to travel the world.

2. Buying Gifts:

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Instead of buying expensive gifts, you can save up money by giving homemade gifts or some service coupons. They will be appreciated more and cost you less money.

1. Filter Subscriptions and Memberships:

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Get rid of those magazine subscriptions that you never read or can easily read online. Instead of going to the gym, go out for a run or cycling. It is more effective and costs you no money at all.

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Article by Born Realist