Traffic, Leads, And Conversions: What Are They And How Are They Significant For Your Business?

Traffic, leads, and conversions are the three primary words present in today’s marketplace with their differences. Hence, if you are just stepping into the periphery of trading products or services, proper familiarization with these three terms is indispensable. 

Traffic, leads, and conversions are the three different interconnected aspects the sales segment is based in. Hence, although they are regarded separately, the association they share should be in your knowledge. 

What is Website Traffic 

It is the number of visitors entering your website. Traffic can be generated by different sources like social media and search engines. Your site accumulating enough traffic is good, as it depicts people showing interest in the products or services your business offers. Conversely, If you notice your website is not receiving enough traffic, you would have to decide upon solutions to rejuvenate your business with a higher amount of traffic. 

How to Increase Website Traffic

Be communicative on behalf of your brand on social media platforms. Publish advertisements on social media and display advertising, paid search, etc. Focus more on the on-page SEO and write attractive headlines. Strengthen the internal linking structure. 

What is Website Leads

Remember that while all leads can be regarded as traffic, all traffic isn’t a lead. Due to a specific characteristic, website traffic gets conferred as leads. A website visitor gets considered a lead only when shown genuine interest in purchasing from the site. The conversion rate depends on how willing the obtained leads are.

High-quality leads are the contact information of people having enough willingness to buy products. Hence, a list of high-quality leads will always have a higher conversion rate. Similarly, a list of leads with compromised quality would waste your company’s resources and efforts. Hence, along with accumulating, you need to identify the quality of the leads. 

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How to Increase Lead Generation

Make sure to improve your landing pages. The content available on the landing pages should be compelling, simple, and free of redundancy. Increase activity on social media platforms. Take the assistance of an efficient lead generation agency. 

What is Conversion?

Conversion is the step of transforming a lead into a customer of your company by selling one or multiple products to him. In other terms, conversion means converting leads into business. Marketers use conversion rates for gauging the success of your business by identifying which percentage the website visitors have converted into customers. 

How to Increase the Conversion Rate?

Always choose quality over quantity when working with leads. Ensure the speed and user-friendliness of your website. Come up with a compelling and precise clear value proposition – the primary reasons people make purchases from you. 

Article by Born Realist