7 Fastest Growing Jobs In The World 2017

The word is shifting to new directions and with that shift, new opportunities have raised. There is big demand of jobs in Tech and medical world alike, with constant advancement. Here we have a list of top jobs for you from which you can make a secured and successful carrier.

7. Computer and Information Analysts:

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Median annual wage: $86,370

Projected gain 2014-2024: 20.5%

The world is getting more and more dependent on computers with the rise of technology. With this technological shift, IT staff that is responsible for computer hardware and infrastructures, troubleshooting issues and installing software is increasing in demand. The numbers of computer and Information Analyst jobs are to be increased by 20.5 % till 2024 earning it a rank in top jobs. The field is set to be the largest with three-quarters of a million jobs. In fact, technology is not limited with clerical works. It is also being adapted on other industries such as healthcare. Big data in healthcare is one of the top trends being implemented in this field since its potential with security and accuracy has been noticed.

6. Miscellaneous Media and Communication Workers:

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Median annual wage: $44,480

Projected gain 2014-2024: 22.2%

The jobs basically include behind the scene workers involved in production of radio, online, print and television media content. The increased number of workers in this field will likely increase the media output as many companies are expanding their content from television to mobile and online platforms. The salary is better than other jobs in this field and most likely to increase faster and this makes it rank number 6 on the top jobs list.

5. Biomedical Engineer:

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Median annual wage: $86,220

Projected gain 2014-2024: 23.1%

Biomedical engineers are most likely to be in more demand in coming years. They basically collaborate technology with health care to improve medical care tools and practices. Biomedical engineering is one of the best from top jobs and its duties include designing artificial organs and limbs prosthetic, installing and maintaining biomedical equipment and publishing medical research. This medical field is attributed to advancing technology.

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4. Operation Research Analysts:

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Median annual wage: $78,630

Projected gain 2014-2024: 30.2%

They mostly work with Federal government and private finance and insurance firms. Operation Research Analysts work in by collecting and analyzing data in problem solving capacity. With the technological advancement, useful data amount will increase substantially. The ability to understand the ways to use data to increase efficiency and the aid to decision making will lead to dramatic increase in of ORA jobs. The demand earns it a name in top jobs category.

3. Home Health Aides:

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 Median annual wage: $21,920

Projected gain 2014-2024: 38.1%

Home health aides’ job is to help their clients who are disabled and ill with chronicle sickness, with daily needs. Home health aides is one of the top jobs that can be a less expensive alternate to nursing home for elderly and disabled individuals. The demand is rising with great speed and by 2024 there will by 1.26 million health aides with a 38.1% increase in wages.

2. Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides:

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Median annual wage: $54,520

Projected gain 2014-2024: 40.1%

The duty of OTA is to assist patients with development disabilities and disabled, children and elders alike. Their job is to help them perform daily tasks. The demand of this top job is to be increased by 40.1% in less than a decade.

1. Wind Turbine Service Technicians:

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Median annual wage: $51,050

Projected gain 2014-2024: 108.0%

Wind turbine service technicians are the fastest to get in high demand list in all well developed countries. The jobs for Windtechs are to be doubled by the year 2024. The task is to use renewable energy to bloom industrial growth.

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Article by Born Realist