Top Bubble Shooter Android Games to Blow Your Mind in 2023 & Beyond

Bubble shooter games are the most fun you can ever have, swiping away your fingers on your mobile screen. Seriously, there is nothing better than a bubble shooter game to start your day or end it on a high note. Since the launch of bubble shooters, the game has gotten many fans online and screams as the best refresher whenever or wherever you may need a hit.

You must play many online variants to select a suitable bubble shooter game that is perfect for your taste. There are so many to choose from, but to be honest, only the ones in their classic format would attract the most of your attention since they have undeniable charm in the gameplay, which is unbeatable even with the latest graphical enhancements.

Play Bubble Shooter games by visiting the many registered websites or head to the Android store to select the top-rated ones. In the list below, we have sorted some of the best bubble shooters for your Android device that are a must-play in 2023.

Bubble Shooter 2

Droid Hen has released this game, and the name does sound very Meta with just a two added to the suffix of the original game. The play style of this bubble shooter is effortless and entirely an ideal improvisation over the classic. The game uses very bright colors appealing to young players; the bubbles have emoticons that animate while gamers try to make their shots and pop as many bubbles as possible. Players will be delighted to find that the game has around 500 levels, so finishing the game takes a long time. The main character that shoots the bubbles in the game is an animated squirrel, not the usual firing cannon. The only major flaw with the game is that once you finish all the levels, there is nothing to do extra in the game. Apart from this one factor, the game is enjoyable and entertaining for all players and demands you to play it at least once.

MPL Bubble Shooter

MPL Bubble Shooter is the top-rated bubble shooter game on the app store, with thousands of downloads and reviews by regular players. On this app, you can enjoy hours of playing bubble shooter games, and you will not be bored easily as there is no end to the amount of fun you can have here. You get a cannon to shoot the bubbles on the top of the screen, and the gameplay is in classic bubble shooter format. The app offers a bug-free experience, and the game is regularly fixed, so you do not suffer any glitches. To play the game, you can aim with the cannon, and there is also an aim-assist to help you locate where your Bubble will land. Shoot strategically to make more combos and get a high score in the game. You can use many powerups like a fireball, bomb, etc., to get more combos and increase your overall score. 

To download bubble shooter game from MPL, you need to visit their website or go directly to the Android Play Store and install it. If you are a bubble shooter fanatic, you should not miss out on this game. 

Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble is another bubble shooter that is a favorite of players who prefer games with no in-app purchases. This game is the most straightforward bubble shooter game on the list and has normative animations that remind you of arcade-style games that were introduced on android more than a couple of years ago. The mechanics are similar to other bubble shooter games, and you can knock a cluster of bubbles by combining three matching bubbles.

In Frozen Bubble, no ads and pop-ups will disturb your gameplay, and you can smoothly enjoy the game and play for long hours without any difficulty or glitches. The game reviews are amazingly positive, and regular players suggest other bubble shooter players try this game for the most authentic arcade feel. 

Spookiz Pang: Bubble Shooting 

Moving on to the experimental side of bubble shooter games, this one is named Spookiz Pang and has been recently added to the Android gaming list in 2023. The game is a take on bubble shooter meets cartoon horror and is every expression of cuteness. The game launched a  version that introduced 1000 levels, which explains that if you install it, you will be shut out into the game’s world for long addictive hours without getting bored.

The problem with the game is that developers have added too many levels and features, making it buggy as a newly introduced game. The loading screen takes a lot of time to come up, and pop-up ads become a disturbance after spending a long time playing the game. Hopefully, the developers will fix these problems shortly so players can get a better experience of the app and the unique experience it offers. 

In Conclusion

This list makes up more than enough for the Bubble Shooter enthusiast to gratify your tastes in the best bubble shooters on Android. The Android market is vast, and you will come across several bubble shooter games there. It is wise to make choices by trying and testing games, but this list here catalogs the best from the lot and will give you a run for your time once you start playing them. 

Article by Born Realist