Top 3 Cosmetic Surgeries That Are Gaining Traction

Thanks mostly to social media and influencers, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures are getting normalized and are becoming more popular among Millennials and Generation Z. Many of these are non-invasive procedures such as Botox. In fact, this year alone, new data shows that over 7.4 million people in the US have received or are still receiving Botox treatments. However, it’s not just non-invasive procedures that are getting the spotlight. Surprisingly, even more and more people are also going under the knife with cosmetic surgery procedures. Here are some aesthetic and cosmetic surgery procedures that are steadily becoming more popular.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has come a long way. Most end results of modern breast augmentation surgeries now look and feel natural, which is why more women are willing to try it out. In fact, experts in breast augmentation in NJ say, “With today’s advancements surgeons are able to produce beautiful natural looking breasts that suit your body shape and frame. More than ever women are embracing the opportunity to have the silhouette they’ve always wanted without ‘looking’ enhanced.” Data shows that breast augmentation procedures have seen a 48% increase since 2023. Moreover, studies show that breast augmentation increases the quality of marital life in women by 80% to 95%, which can only mean that women who underwent breast augmentation have very little to no regrets at all after the procedure.

Nose Reshaping

If there’s one cosmetic surgery that has been heavily influenced by social media, it’s nose reshaping or rhinoplasty. In one study, 76.1% of the participants stated that before-and-after photos they saw on social media, particularly SnapChat, influenced their decision to undergo rhinoplasty. Nowadays, this is one of the most popular surgeries worldwide. In the United States alone, 352,555 rhinoplasty procedures were performed in 2023.

This procedure isn’t only done for purely cosmetic reasons. Those who have had their noses injured, as well as those who might have breathing problems can also benefit from this procedure. Of course, it also helps that you’ll end up with a nose size and shape that you want, which can do wonders in enhancing your other facial features.

Gynecomastia Correction

It’s not only women who are seeking cosmetic procedures to look good. Even men want to have that ideal body, and for some, that entails reducing their breast tissue. This is why there has been an evident increase in the number of men seeking gynecomastia correction. Some NYC-based surgeons even note 100% total upticks in patients seeking this procedure.

A lot of men who undergo this procedure mainly want to have a chest that is proportional to the rest of their body, while some patients may want to correct their asymmetric chest. Gynecomastia, usually caused by puberty, excessive weight gain, or use of steroids can be a source of insecurity for some men, and correcting this issue certainly leads to an improvement in their self-esteem.

Improving your overall appearance usually involves a proper diet, a workout routine, and a detailed beauty regimen. However, there are limits to what you can do on your own. In aspects of your body that cannot be improved by lifestyle changes, aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries such as the ones listed above can provide you with the change that you need.

Article by Born Realist