He is a rockstar investor and businessman who owns multiple million-dollar companies alongside his other investments, but all was not so easy for Tommy Patterson.

The serial entrepreneur grew up with immigrant parents and had many struggles and failures before making it big.

Tommy spoke to us all about it and how he is a Born Realist!

In your own opinion, how successful are you today? Explain briefly your accomplishments over the years.

I’d say I’m very successful, though success is measured subjectively. The choices I’ve made for myself have allowed me the privilege to be in a place in my life where I can continue to invest in myself and the people I love. Some of my best accomplishments are directly tied to some of my worst failures. The fact that I came out on top and better than ever is why I consider them accomplishments.

What is so unique about your company and services?

What separates WKND Digital and WKND Investments from the rest is our ability to leverage our own skills and make ourselves integral to our clients’ growth. My team and I are constantly adding to our arsenal. We’re committed to learning and evolving and expanding our value. You don’t become the #1 growth agency in the world by settling!

Any tragedies that you have encountered in your life?

My biggest professional tragedy to date is also my biggest accomplishment to date.  I had taken the print-on-demand company that I started with my business partner, Brandon Fink, from zero to almost $6 million in less than five months. An amazing ride, until it wasn’t. We scaled so rapidly that our manufacturer wasn’t able to keep up with us. Then we found out that the people we were in business with were not people of integrity. They ended up stealing from us and we lost $2.5 million that year. It was one of the lowest points in my life. But that’s where the inverse of the situation comes in. What I can now call my biggest accomplishment. After hitting that lowest point, I realized that this challenge was either going to break me or make me better. I managed to dig myself out of that hole, learn from the mistake, and start paying my debt. I paid off $1.8 million in the course of 15 months. That failure turned me into a savage. Someone who accepts no excuses and only operates at the highest level. I took that pain, harnessed it, and let it fuel my drive. It’s still the best thing that ever happened to me.

What are your hopes for your various companies and investments going forward? 

My plan is to scale these brands and realize their highest potential. I only ever work with brands that I know can benefit from my services. If I see a lack of potential, or I believe I can’t help them, I turn them away.

Any quote or “words of wisdom” that you live by?

“Without clarity of purpose, you can’t profit.” In this industry, just like in every other area of your life, you have to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. It gets really easy to quit when you don’t remind yourself why you’re doing something or what you’re working towards. And if you can’t distinguish that North Star goal, you’re not getting anywhere.

And finally, tell us, how are you making the world a better place today?

I know that I’m making an impact on people’s lives. My clients, my team, my people. I’m always investing as much as I can into them because I know we’re all working towards the same goal. When you give more than you receive, it comes back to you, and that’s when we all win.