Tips on How To Get a Second Passport

You may indeed be qualified to apply for a second U.S. passport if you already have a valid U.S. passport and complete many specific requirements. We may grant you a restricted second passport book with four years prescribed in extraordinary cases. You can apply for a second passport in the following cases:

  • If you’d like to travel to a country that will deny you a visa because your passport has markings or visas that show you’ve been to other countries, you’ll need a new passport.
  • You require a passport for urgent travel due to a delay in obtaining a travel visa or because you were required to submit your passport as part of another foreign government process.

But also there are a few situations where only obtaining a second passport is not recognized as a valid second passport:

  • A passport is granted to repair one that has been stolen in the process of acquiring a visa by a foreign embassy or consulate. You must fill out the form for a damaged or destroyed passport and request a new one yet again.
  • A passport was issued to replace one that has been currently unavailable. It’s possible that your passport is in a locked box or that it’s being prepared for a move. In this scenario, you must fill out a lost passport form and request a replacement passport.

However, here is the process for applying for a second passport in the USA, but you can get a second passport in other countries as well.

How To Apply for a Second Passport in 7 Steps in the USA

To request a second valid passport by mail, you must specify the required documents.

1.    Fill Form DS-82

When filing for a second passport, you will almost always be required to fill out a Renewal Application (Form DS-82). If you can present your full-validity, 10-year passport, and complete the other renewal conditions, you can register for a second passport using Form DS-82. Your secondary passport may be renewed, and it must be submitted with your request.

2.    Have Security Number

If you can not get an SSN, you can enter zeros in SSN box #5 on the passport application. The SSN Declaration must also be completed and signed and sent with the new passport. The absence of the application will cause a delay in passport processing.

3.    Submit a Request Letter

Sign for a request for a second passport. You should also say that you will notify Passport Services or the closest US embassies, consul, or consular agency if your passport is lost.

4.    Provide Written Statement

Focus on providing your employer with a formal written statement on company paper explaining a need for a second passport. In that case, if you need translation for any document, you can use an online localization solution. And indicate that every loss or robbery of either passport would be investigated properly to the closest passport office, Embassy, or Consulate.

5.    Send USA Identity

You can send your previously disclosed, legal, and unharmed passport for this reason. You can provide the actual or a printed copy of the birth certificate if you will require your passport mostly during application.


If you are a working professional who has not had time to just get a visa for your next trip, or if you really need to travel to a place that won’t let you in there if your passport contains other issues – you will be able to get a second passport that is valid for 4 years.


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