Tips for future mother about raising up kids

Being a mum is a hard work but most women decide to have at least one child. Having kids is something beautiful, surrounded by love and gives a lot of satisfaction.

Every mother-to-be comes to her mind question below:

What should I know, as a future mother?

Any mum wonder what she should know about maternity and bringing up kids?

Firstly, believe in your intuition. Maybe you don’t feel like having a maternal instinct but believe me. You WILL KNOW what to do and what is good for your child.

Talk with other mums and even your mother about kids but don’t treat as rules things which they are saying. Any child is different.

Mother—accept help!

Give people a chance to help you. Ready meals or a few minutes (or hours) of babysitting are important to rest, have energy, patience and enjoy your life as a mother. Don’t forget about time just for you. Take a bath, care about your skin using a hand mask or read a book in the garden.

Mother and kids equipment

Don’t buy a lot of clothes for your kid. Not only you think that they are so cute. Your family and friends will give your child cosy socks, baby shoes, cute dresses, hats, colorful rompers and more. Moreover, you don’t need many infants, newborns and kids sizes because babies grow extremely fast.

Toys are the easiest present so your child will have a lot of them. Focus on more necessary  items.

Mother and kids—what do you really need?

Buy utensils which helps you save time and keep home quite clean. Your toddler will want to copy you. That’s normal. Stock up with potty for toilet training. Of course, firstly you will need a baby changing table to replace nappies.

Accessories for mother and child

Now in shops there are a lot of accessories which make your life simpler. Safety equipment protects kids and surrounds. Consider buying baby sleeping monitors, bed safety rails, cabinet locks straps, edge corner guard, electrical safety, gates doorways, sleep positioners, toddler seat mat and stove safety covers.


You will need and even want to buy special spoons and other feeding accessories. Bottles, bibs and teats are daily equipment for your kids. Baby stroller is an accessory without which any mother can’t imagine maternity. In a car safety is also really important so remember about car seat accessories.


Good organization should be your priority. Baby bed organizer and baby stroller bag  simplifies keeping tidiness and storage of diapers.

Article by Born Realist