Your Time In This World Is Limited, Here’s How You Can Make It Worthwhile

Everyday a person dies either from natural causes like suffering from a long term disease or by unfortunate incurrences such as violence and natural disaster. We take our lives for granted. Tomorrow is never promised. What if you were in place of them? What if you were the one who is dying? See, in just a matter of seconds you pause and begin to reflect on the said question. We may extend our life with advance medications and by adopting a healthy lifestyle but just like I said before old age is never promised. Who knows that this very instant, your next minute will be tumultuous in every aspect?
Which now brings us to another question; how should we spend our life so in the end we have no regrets? Let’s find out;

1. Realize your dreams:

Most of the people know what they will be doing in future. However there are some people who have no single clue what to do. As a result they become victims of low self-confidence and less self-esteem. For most of them, revelation comes to them in middle ages and that is, all this time they have been going at wrong direction and doing those things in which they have no hearts at all. When confronted with such inkling, it’s the worst feeling ever they experience. Recently I was reading this book and I came across this new theory by the name of ‘Time management matrix’; it shows that how people spent their time in four different ways. Activities are defined by two factors ‘important’ and ‘urgent’. All of us do those activities that fall under these three categories 1. Urgent and important, 3. Not urgent and important and 4. Not urgent and not important. Giving attention to these three categories has led us to ignore the most important category which we will affect us for a long term;2. Not urgent and important. This is that box, where things you consider dear are lying here and yet we are ignoring it. My sincere advice is, look at this box and see for yourself where you spent your time most.

2. Help others:

If you are not satisfied with how things are going currently, instead of sitting in corner and whining about it , how about you help someone in that moment. Not everyone is blessed. Someone is suffering from problems in one way another. Just because people don’t reveal it, doesn’t mean they are not suffering. The least we can do is help them. If your neighbor is sick, go and visit them. Ask them what they need. You may think it’s not much but believe me these small gestures will mean a lot to them.

3. Travel more:

Whenever you get a chance, travel. Plan a trip to that place where you never have been there before. Explore new places, try new things and make lots of friends. You will have something good to remember.

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4. Be Grateful:

Yes, most importantly, be thankful for all blessings in your life. We tend to ignore it and end up wanting more. Stop this practice of comparing of what you don’t have and start this practice of being grateful, even in bad times. It will help you to stay positive and able to handle any situation. Thirdly you will realize how blessed you are.

3. Improve your relationships:

Any type of relationship, be it parents or friends or your colleagues. If you have a fight with a friend, go and apologize. Don’t hold grudges, be the first one to say sorry. You never know if you will ever meet them again. As for parents, the least you can do is, spend more time with them. Even if you are busy, at least have dinner with them. You will feel good.

2. Write a book or start a blog:

If you have plans to write a book, do it now. Don’t delay it. Out of 24 hours, take out at least one hour to compose a rough draft and monitor your performance. If you don’t have plans to write such an extensive novel but yet want your voice to be heard, start your own blog. It’s very easy. There are many websites that provide tutorials in regards to running a blog.

1. Leave a legacy:

Just imagine, several years after your death, how would you like the future generations to remember you? You may leave your earned wealth but what really matters is that what impact you had while you were alive. So spend each day to fullest and treat everyone kindly.

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Article by Born Realist