This is all totally normal after being in a car accident

Being in a car accident can evoke lots of different reactions and emotions. It’s a highly stressful time. You might need to contact your insurance company, arrange vehicle repairs, or get in touch with a local car accident lawyer to figure out what to do next.

After being in a car accident, you might worry about the way you’re feeling. Is it normal? While people encounter different emotions after traumatic events, the way you’re feeling is completely natural. Here are some examples.


Anxiety is common after being in a car accident. You’ve been through a traumatic ordeal and this can trigger emotional distress. You might avoid driving by not going to work or meeting friends. It’s important not to ignore the way you’re feeling. Mental health issues aren’t to be taken lightly. Don’t carry the burden alone. Talk to a loved one about how you’re feeling and find ways to tackle your anxiety. This might mean speaking to a mental health professional for further advice and guidance.

Aches and pains

Aches and pains are normal after a car accident. Of course, they vary depending on the severity. If you have had a significant injury you may have needed surgery or a blood transfusion. However, less severe car accidents can still cause aches and pains for a while. You might have whiplash; a neck injury caused by a sudden movement of the neck, or perhaps you have bruising or cuts. Most of these pains will go away with time but speak to your doctor if you’re worried. Generally, it’s best to be checked out by a medical professional after a car accident, no matter the severity. There could be underlying issues you are unaware of, or you could have injuries (mental and physical) develop in the following weeks after the crash – doctors and nurses can help you to identify and remedy these.

Trouble sleeping

Many people have difficulties sleeping after a car accident. They might replay the trauma when they’re trying to get to sleep or have distressing dreams. Problems sleeping can be incredibly stressful. We rely on sleep to function and without it, we feel fatigued. Try to find ways to relax before going to bed, such as taking a long bath or putting lavender oil on your pillow. Your lack of sleep is probably related to anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder, so you should speak to a therapist or counselor.


Nobody likes feeling angry. However, it’s a common emotion after being in a car accident. You might feel frustrated with the person who was responsible – or even with yourself. Putting blame on someone or something often helps us to channel our feelings. While anger is normal, it’s important not to let it cloud your judgment. If you find yourself acting in an irrational or aggressive manner, a mental health professional might help.

Article by Born Realist