Things You Need To Know About Buying Gold and Silver

Are you looking forward to diversifying your investment portfolio and stabilising it simultaneously? Buying gold and silver from online platforms can be an excellent option. The current volatility in the stock market and high inflation support the same. 

There are several online services providing silver and gold purchases. Some of the options on online platforms are – 

  • Generic Silver 10 oz
  • Perth Mint 2023 Kangaroo Silver Coin – 1 oz 
  • Perth Mint 2023 Lunar Rabbit Silver Coin – 1/2 oz
  • Generic Gold – 10 oz
  • Perth Mint 2023 Kangaroo Gold Coin – 1 oz

There has been an increased ease of access to precious metals with the advent of online services. You can check websites such as goldstackers to look at the options available. 

One can sell and purchase gold and silver in real time. Some services also provide storage options for an enhanced experience. 

How To Buy The Precious Metals

The metals can be purchased in bullion bars, coins, and jewellery. 

Bullion Bars

The bullion bars can range in weight from one gram to above ten kilograms. Check the bars for weight and purity levels to be on the safer side. Purchasing gold and silver bullion bars is an excellent way to buy these precious metals. 


Several coin types are produced in Australia, like circulating, collector, and investment coins. Investment coins are produced in quantity and are an easy way to enter the gold and silver market. Since they are a cheap investment option, the gold content in the coins is slightly lesser than bullion bars.


Antique pieces of jewellery are another avenue for buying these precious metals. However, it is crucial to consider the labour cost, design cost, manufacturing, and retail margins associated with the jewellery. Having proof of value and sales documentation is a must while buying jewellery. They become even more essential if you intend to sell your jewellery. 

There are various ways of buying gold and silver apart from the physical form. ETFs are another way to expose yourself to the investment sector. You can also buy shares in gold mining companies. 

What Factors Need To Be Considered?

If you want to purchase gold or silver, here are a few things to consider –

  • Physical gold or silver will require you to arrange storage facilities. While many store them at home, they must be kept away from the damp and corrosive. Various mints and vault companies offer storage facilities. However, they can charge additional fees.


  • Many people store precious metals like gold and silver in their homes. In such cases, one must ensure their home insurance covers this. In case of relying on third-party storage facilities, ensure they have adequate insurance.


  • A reputable dealer is among the most crucial factors to remember. If buying from an online platform, ensure the source is legitimate. 


  • The content of the metal in a coin, bullion, or jewellery determines its value. A higher carat contains a higher amount of metal and is less likely to tarnish. However, it will also require higher care and investment. 


Bottom Line 

Risk is always associated when entering the investment market. Hence, it is recommended to research well on the current market prices, past records, and future predictions of metal before purchasing. 

With the rise in inflation, several investors look forward to purchasing these precious metals. Purchasing from a reliable source, whether online or offline, is recommended. Look for additional services offered, if any. The right dealer will provide you with all options ranging from coins to bars. So, diversify your portfolio and add some precious metals to it. 

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