10 Things To Be Prepared For Before Time Runs Out In Life

Life is short and with every passing day, it gets shorter. We tell our selves that we are prepared for whatever life throws at us but the question is are we really? Here are 10 things to be prepared for in life before time runs out.

10. The People You Love The Most Will Hurt You The Most

I know it sounds sad, but it’s the truth. Prepare yourself for heartbreak in your life. You will be hurt and especially by the people you love the most. Once in a while you will come across a person you love the most and they will hurt, maybe not intentionally but they will. Such experiences should usually be taken positively because if they truly were meant for you they would’ve stayed in your life and now that they are not, I’m sure they left you with a lifelong lesson. Most of the time, such experiences help you to see the best in yourself or it takes you further in finding the right person.

9. Not Everyone is Your Friend

Prepare yourself to be hurt by your friends. Not everyone you talk to or come across will be your friend in life. Most of the time people are just curious to know the latest gossip in your life. There will also come a time when your most beloved best friend deceives you and it will hurt. But you have to forgive them, always forgive them because you considered them your best friend. In life, you will come across different kinds of people, some who will hurt you and some who will be loyal to you. You have to learn to choose the right people who will add up to your worth.

8. You Will Face Failure More Than Once

Failure is a part of life. Remember when you are moving towards success you will have to struggle and face failures more than once. But, failure doesn’t mean you stop. Accept your failure with open arms, because every failure has a lesson to teach you. Prepare yourself, because the journey of life is not easy, but what matters is how you face it. All successful people faced failure before making it big, but that did not stop them from believing in themselves, and today they stand as an inspiration for millions of people.

7. The Day You’re Left Jobless

There will come a day in life when you will be left jobless and clueless. Prepare yourself for this day because it can come really unexpectedly and might hit you hard. Understand this is not the end of the world. One door closed, maybe because there are a few other doors opening for you. You never know what other opportunities life has planned for you. Remember, you will face a lot of difficult times like this but you have to stay calm and collected in order to handle them.

6. The Death Of A Loved One

Life can be hard sometimes, but you have to prepare yourself to face the death of a close loved one. This death can be of a parent, a sibling, a friend or a lover. Facing the flashbacks and the consequences can be both devastating but remember, death is a natural process, we all have to leave one day or another. Life doesn’t stop for anybody. Face this difficult time of your life with maturity and try to move on in life.

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5. When You Hurt Someone

We always talk about how other’s hurt you, but you should also prepare yourself for the day when you hurt someone else. We are not perfect, we all make mistakes but whats important is to take ownership of our mistakes. There will come a time in life when you break someone’s heart, embarrass them in public or simply hurt their feelings. Before time runs out, realize that you did something wrong and repent for it. Also forgive others, if you want others to forgive you.

4. When You Face Rejection

Sooner or later in life, you are bound to face rejection. prepare yourself for rejection, whether it’s a job interview or a heartbreak. Also, remember never to take rejections to your heart. One closed door may lead you to another open door. Face your rejections with open arms, and give it the best you can.

3. Face Your Fears

Fears can demotivate you and bring you down. Your fears, no matter how big or small have the power to stop you from succeeding in life and become a hindrance in your pathway. Prepare yourself to face your fears boldly and not let them take over you.

2. Prepare Yourself For Defeat

You might be among those individuals who have never seen defeat. But remember, You can’t be perfect and there will be days when you are defeated by your opponent or a friend. You don’t have perfect days every day, sometimes you have to let others shine and take the stage too.

1. Prepare For The Confused Days

Some days in life you will be confused and anxious. These are the days when you have to prepare yourself to be strong and confident. You might be confused about life, your purpose in the world, your career or your marriage. But this is just a phase where you doubt your worth and it will soon be over if you strongly believe in your self and your abilities.

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Article by Born Realist