The tools you need for DIY home renovations

From Changing Rooms to Grand Designs, Brits love a home renovation show. With most of us spending more times in our homes than ever before, we’ve become a nation even more obsessed with transforming our homes. Recent figures suggest that lockdown Brits spent over £61 billion on home improvement.

So, whether you’ve got grand plans to transform your home this year or you’re just looking to spruce up the odd room for welcoming guests, we’ve got the tools you need for your DIY home renovations.

Most popular DIY home renovations

It’s estimated that the cost of moving alone is around £8,000. This figure could easily help transform tired homes. If you’re competent and confident with DIY you could save some extra cash by only calling in the experts when you really need them or to sign off work.

If you’re considering a home renovation, the two most obvious places to start are the kitchen and bathroom.

We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and an open plan kitchen living dining space that opens out onto the garden is a hot commodity. If you’re cabinetry is in good working order you could easily update them using a touch of chalk paint and switching out the handles.

Bathrooms are on a par with kitchens and a clean bathroom with mod-cons is high up on a buyers wish-list. For large bathrooms, adding luxe touches like double vanities and free-standing baths are a  must, whilst small bathrooms benefit from light colours and clean finishes.

For keen DIYers who perhaps aren’t as experienced, simple things like giving rooms a fresh lick of paint and switching soft furnishings like curtains, throws, and rugs, and adding a picture gallery wall can instantly transform the look and feel of a home.

The tools to choose

Regardless of the level of DIY you’re undertaking, there are some essential tools every homeowner should have.

Tape measure – One of the most widely used tools by tradesmen, the tape measure is a staple of the tool kit and will ensure your measurements are accurate.

Cordless drill – If you’re planning to do drilling of any kind, from rehanging cupboard doors to hanging pictures, a cordless drill from a leading brand like Milwaukee tools is a must.

Stepladders – A pair of 3-way ladders are a lifesaver for any DIY jobs. Whether you’re a few feet off the ground or you need to reach new heights, trade step ladders are sturdy and reliable giving you complete peace of mind when working at height.

Screwdriver set – Ideal for jobs of all shapes and sizes, a screwdriver set will see you through most jobs – including removing paint tin lids!

Article by Born Realist