The Best Integrated Light Sources for Your Home

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Choosing the best light source for your home can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, including whether you want integrated lighting or not. Integrated lights are just what they sound like – integrated into the design of your space so that there is no need for additional fixtures on the walls or ceilings. To help you decide which type of integrated light will work best in your home, we have compiled this list of the top 6 integrated light sources available.

  • Integrated LED lights 

Integrated LED lights are a popular integrated light source, and for a good reason. They provide exceptional brightness while also saving you money on your energy bill since they use only a fraction of the wattage than traditional incandescent bulbs do. The integrated LED version can last up to 50 times longer than regular incandescent or CFL lighting too! Besides, integrated LED lights are also dimmable and can be controlled wirelessly with an app.

  • Integrated halogen lighting 

Halogen integrated lights are another popular integrated light source. They provide a warm, beautiful glow and come in an array of different styles to match the décor of any home or room. One drawback is that they require more wattage than integrated LED lighting, so you’ll see your energy bill increase slightly as a result. However, they still save you money over traditional lighting sources.

  • Integrated dimmable fluorescent lights 

Dimmable integrated fluorescent lights are a common integrated light source due to their long life and energy savings. They provide a beautiful, bright glow similar to halogen integrated lights. Still, they use even less wattage than LED integrated lighting, so you’ll see even greater cost savings on your energy bill.

  • Integrated halogen lighting with integrated LED lights 

Halogen integrated lights with integrated LED lights are an incredibly popular integrated light source because they provide both the beautiful, warm glow of halogen lighting and the brightness of LED integrated lighting. They can be controlled wirelessly via an app, or on/off switch, so you have full control over your home’s lighting at all times.

Halogen integrated lights and integrated LED lights integrated into one fixture offer all of the benefits of integrated lighting – like no additional wall or ceiling fixtures needed, a beautiful glow, and cost savings – while also adding some great new features to your home.

Essentially, halogen integrated light works beautifully for spaces that need to provide a lot of ambient or task-based lighting at once.

  • Under-cabinet mounted LED strips 

Under cabinet-mounted LED strips are integrated lighting fixtures that are great for adding subtle, task-based lighting to your kitchen. They provide an integrated look while still allowing you to have all of the benefits integrated LED lighting provides.

  • Integrated recessed ceiling lighting

This type of lighting is the best-integrated light source for your home. Integrated recessed ceiling lighting is a worthwhile investment and will enhance glow and décor in your home.

Article by Born Realist