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TED talks have been around since a long time now and almost every big university has been hosting them. Heck! There are even ted talks for many cities now i.e TEDxKarachi, TEDxDelhi. But what really is TED and how is it growing so fast?

ted talks

Well TED which is short for “Technology, Entertainment, Design” is a media organization which posts talks online for free. These talks have new ideas for people to understand and learn from. You can often find some viral TED talk while surfing the internet or using social media, soon you’ll find yourself getting sucked into the mesmerizing idea that the talk is trying to portray.  Don’t believe me? Check yourself by watching some talks below!

12. Your body language shapes who you are by Amy Cuddy:

This TED talk is very unique and, in a way, very very deep because it forces one to address one’s true self. It’s also quite amazing because it teaches us a life hack. Yes! this one actually teaches you how to fake confidence. What? Fake confidence? how can you fake confidence? Well, check the talk out and find out yourself. Oh and did I mention the talk was by a Harvard professor? Truly one of the best TED talks out there.

11. How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek:

A relatively old TED talk but with another powerful message. This talk will teach you how to be a leader by teaching you some basic concepts. It underlines the fundamental principles of many of the world famous leaders and conveys them to you, enabling you to use them so you can rise to their level.

10. A musical genius by Usman Riaz (TED Talks):

One might think oh! this is one of those talks where they play music and get into the flow for the entire session, but that’s not the case. This TED talk opens a gateway to something bigger; an educational revolution. This talk is by a young talented Pakistani boy who wanted to learn different styles of music but couldn’t find anyone who could teach him because there aren’t many musical instructors in a country like Pakistan.

“I Decided to make YouTube my Teacher” –Usman Riaz

So he decided to make YouTube his teacher and learn from there. In this TED talk you will learn how much YouTube can teach you and in my opinion this TED Talk marked the end of physical educational institutions as we know it.

9. Do schools kill creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson:

Released in 2007, this TED talk has a Professor standing on a stage and talking against the educational system. Pretty cool right?
As gutsy as it may sound, this talk is actually pretty funny. Sir Ken Robinson talks about how we are killing the creativity inside the minds of children and turning them into machines that never make mistakes.

“There isn’t an educational system on the planet that teaches dance everyday to children the way we teach them mathematics” – Sir Ken Robinson

If you love good comedy and you’re a rebel like me then you NEED to check this one out!

8. Why I read a book a day (and why you should too): the law of 33% by Tai Lopez:

Quite a long name for a being in the list of TED talks would you say? It is indeed long but that’s because it’s got something very special.

This talk earned number 8 rank in our list because it teaches people how to read any book in 3 days. Don’t believe me? Watch the talk yourself and find out.

7. The War on Consciousness by Graham Hancock (BANNED TED TALK):

You know a TED talk is interesting when it gets banned! Yes, this TED talk was banned for being too controversial.

“Mother Ayahuasca literally took me to hell” –GRAHAM HANCOCK

The talk is delivered by British writer and journalist who shares one of his life’s experiences with people. It’s filled with a deep and in-depth  story of how his life changed by a drug he got exposed to while traveling. Sounds spooky right? It’s definitely Worth it!

6. Thoughts on humanity, fame and love by Shah Rukh Khan:

This is a TED talk by our all time favorite movie star Shah Rukh Khan. It goes into the hearts of people, teaching a valuable lesson. A lesson of Love and how we’ve lost it in the world of social media and internet.

“The future you has to be like an aging movie star” – Shah Rukh Khan 

5. Why I stopped watching porn by Ran Gavrieli:

I know what you’re’re thinking that this video has those plan stupid(TED talks) with scientific facts about how it’s killing our mental health etc. But this TED talk will change your views about porn. Ran Gavrieli presents a case of how our fantasies are being altered into whatever sexual content is being shown to us.

4. Turning adversity into opportunity by Muniba Mazari:

This is honestly my personal favorite. The TED talk contains a story of a young girl who discovers her true self when she goes through a horrible car accident. It’s a talk by Muniba Mazari who is currently the National Ambassador for Pakistan at UN Women.

“I couldn’t find a hero so I became one” – Muniba Mazari 

3. Stop searching for your passion by Terri Trespicio:

You wanna be successful? Stop searching for your Passion. If your whole life has been around making your dreams come true because somehow you’re passionate about them then oh boy! You’re in trouble. Terri Trespico is here to present an amazing reality check to you is. She explains how your passion isn’t going to fuel your success, rather your success if going to fuel your passion.

“They asked me what I did for a living, I told them; Whatever it takes”

2. What does my headscarf mean to you? by Yassmin Abdel-Magied:

Exposing the truth behind the unconscious bias, Yassmin took the world by a storm with the astonishing case of how our thoughts control us and limit us from getting what we want. She also suggests a solution for this problem and proves the existence of the bias with a little experiment in the audience.

1. The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity … by Elon Musk:

Taking first place in our list is the TED talk of the billionaire Elon Musk who is literally changing the world! The talk is a conversation about how he plans to move forward and what he thinks can be achieved within the resources we have today. This talk is an example of a man who took huge risks but still managed to make it big only because he believed in himself and his work. This one is a really amazing and unique among all the TED talks.

“We must solve problems in order to become a space-faring civilization” – Elon Musk



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