8 Inspiring Stories That Will Make You Want to Take More Risks in Life

What is a Risk? You can say it’s a dark tunnel before you reach the end of it. It’s a storm before you can see a rainbow. In other words, it’s a path of uncertainties and insecurities before something great happens. Some people trek on that potholed trail while others prefer to stay. Frankly speaking, I don’t the latter one. Why put everything on something that you are not even sure that will you be successful or not. Why take a risk But if you look at it from another angle, Risk makes you reach places that your mind couldn’t have comprehended it. If you think that only those people have can take a risk which is already millionaires, then you are wrong. All those who have given it all were no different from you before they achieved their goal. Below is the list of stories which will make you think about take a risk.

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1. Elon Musk Take a Risk

Taking Risks in Life

Take a Risk. We all know who he is. If not, let delve into it briefly. He is the founder of two companies, Tesla Motors and Space X. Both of them are performing spectacularly, making Musk the 12th richest man in the world. But before reaching this point, Musk also had a hard time as well. After earning a substantial amount of finances from his founding company, PayPal, he started working on other interests. First, he wanted to make Mars colonization a reality. Because of this, he started to operate a business that launched spaces at reasonable prices; hence Space X Company was formed.

However, the company’s first three space launches were a failure and the company was at the edge of bankruptcy. There was only enough money left to launch one more space missile. Elon could have considered another option but he still clung to his dream. At the fourth attempt, the space launch was successful. Another interest of Musk was to make a car that runs on renewable energy. Tesla introduced its first car when there was a great economic crisis in 2008. Because of this car’s prices were appearing double than predicted price. The company might have closed if it weren’t for Elon Musk life savings and positive reviews on car’s performance.

2. Jeff Bezos Take a Risk

Taking Risks in Life

Even after having everything, suddenly a person abandons it all to start working on the new scheme. Yes, we know all too who I am talking about. After acquiring a degree in computer science, Jeff (take a risk) landed himself in the job at several of the firms located in Wall Street; there he became the youngest vice president in 1990. Despite earning lucrative amounts and stable job, Jeff has other dreams. He wanted to start his own business. Having made up his mind, Jeff quit his job and relocated himself in Seattle to open an online bookstore. Within two months, sales reached $20,000. Today that website is known as Amazon.com and is the most wildly used website.

3. Robin Chase Take a Risk

Taking Risks in Life

What will you do if you have an idea but find out that there are not enough resources to support it? Most probably you will drop it, believing that it will never work. But a person named Robin Chase (take a risk) did a complete opposite. She and her friend, Antjie Danielson were positive that there is a market gap for car sharing. When they propose their idea, many people thought it will not work. Two reasons; number one: internet wasn’t that much developed and number two: who would be willing to rent a car to someone who is a complete stranger. Because of the said reasons, Robin had a hard time raising a startup. Still, it didn’t discourage them. The pair worked tirelessly and by the year 2000, a company by the name ‘Zipcar’ was formed with only two cars. Today, the company has 9000 cars available across United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This is sure to make you want to take a risk.

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4. Bill Gates Take a Risk

Taking Risks in Life

Take a Risk. His dream of making a personal computer available in every home and office appeared to be far-fetched when there were no advanced technologies available. Furthermore, after dropping from Harvard and a major rival Steve Jobs competing along, the odds weren’t in favor of Gates. But Bill believed that he will be successful in creating software for personal computers. Now the whole world knows him not only as a Microsoft owner but one of the world’s richest men.

5. Larry Ellison Take a Risk

Taking Risks in Life

After acquiring basic skills in computer, Larry take a risk and two of his colleagues started their own company by the name of Software Development Laboratories, where they were developing a database administration system by the name of Oracle. However, during 1990, the company was on the brink of Bankruptcy due to the fact that some revenue was recorded before they were even earned it, hence resulting in an accounting error. Mismanagement within the operation and rivals stealing market share, things weren’t looking good for Ellison. But Ellison didn’t give up; he quickly rectified his mistake by hiring a new management team and making a spectacular comeback by inventing new Oracle7 database. Now that is what you make people take a risk.

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6. Vera Wang Take a Risk

Taking Risks in Life

Changing your career at a peak can be a risky move. Putting aside her skating career and her favourite inline skates (you can also buy them from WowSkates), Vera take a risk started working for Vogue magazine. Within a year, she was promoted to senior fashion editor. After fifteen years of severing in vogue magazine, she left and started working for Ralph Lauren as a design director. While working there and observing the market, it dawned on her that dresses were catered for slim figures only. This frustrated her for the market didn’t acknowledge the other body types. And that’s where an idea struck her. By 1990, she established her own business of bridal boutique in upscale Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue in New York City. She started honing her fashion skills and finally, she introduced her signature series of sophisticated bridal wear. She has designed several dresses for celebrities including Chelsea Clinton, Victoria Beckham, and Kim Kardashian. Vera Wang’s story motivates us to take a risk because you never know what surprises might life have for you.

7. Drew Houston Take a Risk

Taking Risks in Life

Imagine one of the successful innovators warns you that he will kill your business by introducing his own product? You will probably surrender. Drew Houston take a risk was that person who was seen as a potential threat and does you know who that person was? It was none other than Steve Jobs himself. While Drew Houston and his colleague Arash Ferdowsi were busing making a software that enables you to share files including photos in any computer, laptop, and smartphone, Steve jobs too were also immersed deeply into producing a product with the same features by the name of ‘I cloud’ service. Drew was intimated, but still, he stayed loyal to his idea. Now this file sharing service, ‘Dropbox’ is serving 500 million users and recently it has been customized to serve business needs as well.

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8. Richard Branson Take a Risk

Taking Risks in Life

Hailed take a risk as one of the celebrated entrepreneur and a renowned iconic business figure around the globe. However, Richard too also faced many failures and perhaps one of the greatest risks he ever took was introducing his own airline service. This was the biggest stunt he pulled. Because he was competing against another airline company, known as British Airways. Moreover, he had to sell 49% stake in the airline to Singapore Airlines to strive during the hard times. But in the end, all endurance paid off. Virgin Groups now owns more than 200 companies in more than 30 countries.

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