10 Reasons Why Successful People Do Not Thrive at School

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Are you weak in studies? Do you find heart in something other than what you are being taught? Well, don’t worry; you may just have the germs of the numerous successful people who showed that stereotyping is very overrated.  Walt Disney, the man who opened the gates of imagination to all of us had trouble learning. Thomas Elva Edison, translating his inner light into the brightness of the bulb, was dyslexic. Winston Churchill, the great orator and statesman and Leonardo Da Vinci, creator of the master piece – Mona Lisa- both had learning disabilities. After all, nature has a funny way to prove us wrong; and the individuals who were once called useless and incapable turned out to be those archives, which even the history will forever take pride in. Although all successful people have their individual characteristics and personality traits, following reasons can sum up, to some extent, the explanation for them not doing so well in school but delivering their best in the practical life.

1. They Think Out Of The Box

success factors

Unconventionality is what dominates most people who become successful in life. Such people are visionary and do not resort to the standard methods. They are all in for breaking stereotypes. They generate new ideas with their thoughts, seeming initially nothing more but insanity to others.

For most of them, schools are synonymous to jails – jails which bar their offbeat perceptions and approaches. This bitter truth stands firm that ‘different’ is something not easily tolerated. The people who have an inbuilt capacity of succeeding can and do not accept such confinement. They aren’t taken aback easily and refuse to be the robots of a status quo. They aim at something contemporary and indulgent and target their darts at a dartboard which is just not mainly black and white.

2. They Aren’t Bookworms

success factors

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Such people cannot imagine spending most of their time cramming and preparing for examinations. Burying their heads in curricula books- this mere thought is indigestible. For them, reality is far above the rhetoric and they are well aware of the fact that in the real-time dynamics, practicality is what works. That’s the deal worth a profit.

These people are conscious of the difference between schooling and knowledge and mostly endeavor for the latter. Boredom and monotony is usually what they extract from school studies, as are rightfully familiar with the actuality that theory does not benefit you even close to how experience does. The qualities of pragmatism and exploration that dominate the nature of a doer, makes it taxing to instill bookish knowledge in him.

3. They Value Self-Learning (Success factors)

success factors

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Why is that many performers do not give absolute importance to schools? The answer being that they are better off by themselves. Spoon feeding is neither tolerated nor appreciated by people who have the ability to do wonders and are well acquainted with the reality that there are horizons out there, vast and unexplored. They do not limit themselves or their intellectual instinct- literature, science, music, sports, humanities- all teach them a new lesson.  Self-learning becomes their favorite teacher. The tune of books, but mind you not curricula ones, turns out to be the only melody they love falling asleep to.

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4. They Detest Subordination

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‘Yes Sir, No Sir’ is problematic for someone of their sort. Unquestioning obedience and agree-ability proves quite burdensome. The thing is that they are leaders and not the followers and work at the apex of their capability when let free and independent. Educational institutions dictate the students-they have certain criteria, rules and regulations – standards, which seem foolish to people who have the x-factor. Foisting and impositions, for such people, are worthy of nothing except abhorrence. Restriction and bounding do not have a friendly relation with such accomplished.

5. Grades Are Never Their Priority

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The mold of life is shaped according to our choice of what holds importance for us and what doesn’t. Our choices define us and are our personality statement. People who want to make a difference and who want to mark their name in this world do not give marks, grades or GPA’s the utmost consideration. For them, working on the one thing they love and have passion for is a priority.  They do study, but not to be on the top of their class but to gain knowledge. What they owe significance to, for them, is their talent which will take them to heights beyond infinity.

6. They Weigh Success Differently

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What more can one ask for – a strong educational record, an impressive degree and a job – but believe me when I say, achievers want more and they go for it. For most people with success potential, progress and prosperity aren’t just academic. For them success is an amalgam of emotional intelligence, wisdom, determination and enlightenment. There are uncountable degree and office holders’ whom we have and will probably never hear of. Schooling has never been a measure of success; it does help, but the ones that cross the finishing line first are innovation, character and perseverance. This one of their major success factors

7. Routine Isn’t Something They Like To Follow

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The out-of-this-world and raging notions and images of an achiever make routine seem monotonous. They do not have the thing to follow the crushing regime on and on and are always up to something fresh and futuristic. They believe that life has to offer much more and that the pros of sitting all day in class, attending the boring lectures is nothing compared to what they can get through new fresh-hand experiences and interactions.

8. Realization Of  Their Goal Comes To Them Earlier In Life

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We should give due credit where it’s called for; most successful people are born intelligent who work hard to polish their skills, and unlike others spot their expertise and aptitude way earlier in life. While their fellows take the daily grind of science, math and English etc to later come to the decision of the field they would want to excel in, the genius of a to-be high flier knows exactly what he wants. Due to this realization of who they want to become and what they want to do, such people do not give much attention to studies. They put all or most of their effort in perfecting their plus-points and talents which they want to shine all over, whether academic or not.

9. They Are Risk-Takers

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Safe-playing is a word missing in the doer’s dictionary. They know that big resolutions require daring and sacrifice. These people have the guts to take-up a worthwhile and serviceable venture and put in all their force and determination into making matters lucrative.

Their adventurous character makes them fearless about their school results and grades and thus do not care if they aren’t scoring straight A’s or for that case B’s too. They are rarely afraid of taking initiatives and know well that success is typically found outside one’s comfort zone.

10. They Are Dreamers

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Daydreaming! Well it isn’t that bad as our teachers make it sound to us.  It’s that dreamers due to their uniqueness and rarity are most likely to make their presence felt and counted. Dream is when you disconnect with the real world and most of you will nod in agreement, that is when the prettiest of reflections are captured in the lens of our memory. Successful people dream big and that is why they do big. Their ideas appear impossible to accomplish but they prove that limits are only what your mind sketches.

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– Article by Born Realist