90% Of you need this technique to Stay Focused (How to stay focused)

This technique to focus comes from an American Sniper whose day job was to just sit and stare until an enemy appeared. Since our society is facing some serious issues while focusing, we think it’s necessary for you guys to learn this technique so that you learn how to stay focused.

The Trick on How to stay focused:-

The technique is summed up into one word “SLLS” meaning Stop, Look, Listen, Smell

1. Stop:

how to stay focused

Stop! Just stop what you are doing. The first step to focusing is to stop whatever it is that you’re doing.

2. Look:

Look around. Observe what is happening around you.

3. Listen:

Listen to your surroundings. Take around 10-15 seconds to listen whats happening around you.

4. Smell:

Smell your environment. You need to know where you are physically and be truly present.

What happens now?

You finally got a breather. Now its time to get back at the task at hand. You’ll notice that you can now focus more clearly.