StarLink Satellite Internet Explained

If your internet is considered less than desirable because it has trouble keeping up and has speeds reminiscent of the 90’s provided to you by the AOL pioneers; we may have what seems like a snazzy futuristic solution for you. Meet Starlink satellite internet! Obviously, satellites are a huge part of their operation because it’s in its name. This is where you come in, by trading in your less desirable slow and unreliable internet for Starklink.

So here’s the deal; if you would like a stable video call, online gaming session, streaming video or any other favorite online activity done reliably; then this is the service for you. Starlink delivers steady speeds at 100 mbps and 200 mbps with latency as low as 20ms in most areas.

A High-Speed Internet Solution For Rural Areas

If country living is your preferred method of lifestyle, fear no more from being left out in the cold concerning surfing the web. You’ll finally be able to video call family, friends and even doctors for appointments with Starlink internet as they offer high-speed internet. Everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish on the internet is now accessible. So, no matter how small or large the task, Starlink will be a dependable internet provider for your family.

Best Satellite Internet For Online Gaming

We love gaming, and even if you’re not an avid gamer you’ll appreciate Starlink’s service. Let’s expand on their low latency speeds. Gamers across the country all know and have experienced playing a game you love competitively online and losing or dying because you have a terrible connection, download speed rate, or just a plain old blurry screen. Yuck! With Starlink, it promises to provide clear and fast paced online fiery gaming sessions. Depending on the area, speeds can be as fast as a crisp 400 mbps. To also further make an important point that most rural residents who happen to be into online gaming already know; you can’t depend on satellite internet providers to deliver online gaming at all until now. So join the Starlink crew when the service reaches your area.

StarLink Internet Plans

When Starlink reaches your area, buckle your seat belts and get ready for those blazing fast internet speeds you’ve always wanted. As for now, Starlink is in the mid to early beta phase, so most will have to be patient. However, if you are sold on the prospect of having better internet, here are the plans and prices available so you aren’t thrown off guard when the time comes.  Starlink internet service starts at $90 a month and the equipment is a one time fee of $490 that includes a router and their mounted satellite dish. Starlink is a bit pricey upfront, but in the long run it will definitely be worth it for most families. Starlink is also looking into creating payment plans for the equipment so their service will be more accessible to everyone regardless of income.

How To Order StarLink Internet Service

If all that I have mentioned so far has enticed you to become a consumer of the Starlink satellite internet provider team, then here is how you can sign up. Get started by heading over to the Starlink website. From there you’ll need to enter your home and email address to find out if it is possible for Starlink to service your home. So far over 500,000 customers are waiting for service.

Easy To Set Up StarLink Installation Kit

Picture it.  Faster internet could be your future.  Your Starlink service has been ordered and your account has been made. You’re sitting there, waiting with a controller in your hand. Ding Dong!  The equipment has arrived!  Now, time to set it all up. It already comes pre connected with all you need to access the web, so that’s the easiest part. You can have a choice of setting up the mount on the ground or attached to your home. The only other thing needed is the clear, unobstructed view of the sky and you are all ready to connect online.

Article by Born Realist