Spyier Review: The Best Snapchat Spy App I Have Used

With the increasing number of apps on mobile phones, there is a substantial increase in the number of threats that are surrounding your children. There are various apps these days like Snapchat, that do not store messages or the activities. Well, that means you won’t be able to track your child’s activities. So, if your children have Snapchat, you should get your spying senses active. 

Now, you must be wondering how to spy your child’s Snapchat account. So, the answer is Spyier, the life savior of amateur spies. Spyier is the best Snapchat spy app you will ever come across. 

Part 1: The Expert of Spying- Spyier

Well, just saying that Spyier is the best Snapchat spy app, won’t suffice, you need proof. So, firstly, Spyier is one of the internationally known spying apps that is used across 190 countries by more than a million users. Apart from  Snapchat, this exclusive spying software comes up with over 30 features, allowing you to keep a complete check on your child’s activity. 

No matter what device your child operates, be it Android or iOS, Spyier has the best of solutions, when it comes to Spyier. Unlike other Snapchat spying apps, Spyier allows you to check the details of the Snapchat account and further extract all the media files and messages shared over the platform. 

Snapchat has a feature, according to which the shared messages and media files disappear after a certain point of time. However, even if Snapchat deletes the messages, you will have the option to revive them with Spyier.

Spyier can be easily accessible on your PC or laptop, where after completing the entire configuration process. You can access the media files, photos, messages, and the information of the particular Snapchat account through the dashboard. 

Spyier has been featured on some of the leading technology platforms namely Forbes, iGeeksblog, PCMag, New York Times, Life Hacker, CNET, and many more. This makes it one of the most trusted online spying software in the world. 

Part 2: Why Spyier is Trusted by Millions? 

Despite having an exclusive reputation, Spyier has a number of factors that make it the best spying solution for Snapchat spying. Most importantly, Spyier is not at all difficult to be used. Even a layman can easily use the app, without undergoing any sort of technical difficulties.  

The process of getting on board is very simple and non-complicated. Without having any skills, you don’t have to undergo extensive stress. Take a look at some of the interesting aspects of Spyier. 

  1. You don’t have to go through root or jailbreak in order to spy on Snapchat.
  2. The process of configuring Spyier on your child or anyone’s who’s a Snapchat account, you are willing to track takes not more than 5 minutes. 
  3. The installation of Spyier will allow you to instantly get access to all the data of the targeted Snapchat account. 
  4. For Android spying, there is an app, which you have to download on the target mobile. This app is fully stealthy and allows you to get access to all the information without getting caught. 
  5. You can get access to real-time data, by a fully web-based interface. 
  6. The iOS spying for Snapchat is fully remote, you don’t have to get access to the target phone of your children. That’s the reason, it is one of the most popular spying apps for Snapchat.
  7. You can have all the Snapchat data as per real-time information through Spyier. 
  8. The spyier software allows you to uninstall the Android app remotely through the control panel. 
  9. The keylogger feature allows you to get the ID and password of the Snapchat account. 
  10. Lastly, the security is at par. You can be sure about privacy, as all the data extracted by Spyier is not stored on its cloud, which makes sure that there is no risk to your data. 

Part 3: Getting ON-Board With Spyier

As mentioned above, Spyier is a software, which is feasible on iOS and Android operating systems. The process mentioned below is apt for getting started for both operating systems. 

1st Step: The very first thing you have to do is visit the spyier app. You can create your account for free, by just adding your email ID and a strong password.


2nd Step: The next step is to choose the target system option, be it iOS or Android. 

3rd Step: Next you have to choose the subscription plan. The package price is quite affordable. The plans differ based on the number of devices you are willing to spy on. After choosing the right subscription, you will be able to log in via a confirmation email consisting of your login credentials.  For android devices, the email will contain a link, through which you have to download on the target device. 

4th Step: This step variates according to the operating system you are targeting for tracking the Snapchat account. 

  • For Android: 

As mentioned above, you have to download the small app on the target device. This will be done after operating the app manually. The size of the app is very small in size, as it’s just 3MB and would not drain the battery. You can easily hide it through the settings option and then start spying on the Snapchat account.

  • For iOS Device: 

In order to configure your child’s iOS device, you will have to acquire the iCloud credentials of the target device and further enter it after choosing the iOS operating system.  

5th Step: Once you have successfully configured the Spyier software with the target device of your child, you can access your Spyier account on your PC. Here you will see a dashboard, where you can find a Snapchat feature under the social media option. Click on it and you are set to go. 



That was a bit about Spyier’s review for spying over Snapchat. Spyier is the best Snapchat spying app, that allows you to track the suspicious activities of your child. It is important that you are aware of the Snapchat activities of your child, hence choosing software like Spyier will be a wise decision. For spying over Snapchat accounts, Spyier has come up with advanced technology along with its extensive features, that keeps you fully aware and stress-free.