6 Things That Society Teaches Us And Shouldn’t Be Followed

Society is supposed to help people grow into wise, conscious human beings, by providing them with the tools needed to live a beautiful, fulfilling life. Here are 6 society problems that every person should know.

6. Failure can be a Good Thing

People are in a constant fear of failure. Society teaches them that failure is a bad thing that everybody should be scared of. But since mistakes and failure are actually what teach us right from wrong, being afraid of making mistakes can prevent us from trying to achieve new things, which can only stunt our personal development.

5. Money can’t buy Happiness

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People believe that money should be the primary goal in life and that it is the main thing that will bring them happiness and success. Money is needed to buy us food and experience. Although happiness is derived from healthy relationship with people and is totally unrelated to money.

4. Ego

society problems

Positive ego to be happy. It is the ego that does not want any living being, in the slightest degree.  Negative ego is the cause of unhappiness and misery. It is a bad thing. Society teaches us to have ego to degrade other people instead of winning their hearts.

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3. Discrimination

society problems

Discrimination, harassment and victimization leave the individual confused and broken.They may take to alcohol or drugs, or may form their own opinions on others, develop a hatred for others, or withdraw from people.
It can affect them financially, may lose their job. Society should be against discrimination.

2. Luck is a Myth

society problems

We are the creator of our reality, everything that happens to us, everything that exists is a reality. Being lucky is a myth. To gain something you need to work hard and stay consistent. There’s no lucky charm.

1. Carrier Choice

society problems

One of the main society problem is non-supportive parents who really don’t understand what they can do to help and have no desire to get involved. Few parents impose their choices on their children either to choose medical either engineering. This cause burden on children which lead them to suicide.

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