7 Signs To Check If Someone Is Smarter Than You

Smart people are generally great achievers, successful in business and family, and positive of mind. They have trained themselves to squeeze every drop of brain juice within, to make manifest their talents.

7. They Are Not Talkative

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The first sign of smart people is that they are not very talkative. They use words deliberately after thinking and not just blabber around. They only engage themselves in good and meaningful conversations other than that they just listen to people around them and gather educational information

They Are Multi Talented

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They don’t only specialize in a single task. Smart people are active in many fields at once because it broadens their mind and get them closer to feeding their curiosity about everything.

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They Are Good At Multi-Tasking

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They can easily have a balanced life between home and work and still take out time for personal activities and health. Smart people know how to live a perfect balanced life while giving every activity their 100 percent.

They Have A Positive Approach

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They have a positive approach even in worst times. Smart people will always by smiling even when things turn out totally wrong. Because of their positive approach, they find solutions to their problems quickly.

They Do Not Brag

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Even when they know they are the smartest person in the room, they don’t brag about it. They try their best to share their knowledge with everyone in the room to make them smarter too. It’s their personal goal to give forward the knowledge they already have.

They Don’t Show Off

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They don’t go around carrying a list of all the talent they hold. Smart people only show their hidden talents when they are needed the most. They don’t feel the need to tell everyone and get their approval.

They Are Never Rude

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No matter what the situation is, they would never get credit by proving someone else to be inferior than them. Smart people don’t prove themselves to be smart by making other people in the room look stupid. They know that if you are responsible for making someone look bad than you are actually the bad person yourself.

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Article by Born Realist