Alternatives for ShowBox 2023: 5 Apps That are Better than Showbox!

showbox alternatives

If you’re a fan of Showbox, you know that it provides you with unlimited access to movies and t.v series. Showbox is a perfect app for movie buffs to use on their tablets, mobile phones, iPhones and laptops. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Showbox has all the latest movies.

However, Showbox has stopped working for several users and people don’t know which apps are the best alternatives for it. It was mentioned on showbox official site that the app will be working soon but who waits that long?

So, because most of us are deprived of the daily dose of our favorite episodes and movies, we’ve listed out 10 of the best apps that can replace Showbox in your phones and computers.

1. Cinema APK:

alternatives for showbox

Cinema APK is a perfect replacement for Showbox, it has all the latest movies and works seamlessly on every device. Plus it is free just like Showbox.

You can watch your movies in HD in Cinema APK as well, however, not all movies and t.v series are available in HD. Although you can watch movies in both 720p and 1080p. Not to mention that you won’t have any problems with subtitles and search work.


Streamog : This is another alternative to Showbox that is rich in features. Perhaps, richer than the Showboxs, you never know! Its wonderfully crafted user interface is sure to attract you. So, whenever you feel bored, visit . Its variety of content will never let to sit with a long face. This is a storehouse of all the top rated movies.

Now, you no more need to run to the theatres to watch the latest movies. Streamog has it all for you. Besides the good collection of movies, it also has ratings and a brief review of each movie. So, before you watch the movies, you get a summary of it before selecting to watch. The genres of the movies are divided into all-time hits, latest movies, classical movies, hits of the year and so on and so forth.

TV series or what you commonly call web series is a new addition to the Streamog. Click on the genres. Choose the genre that you like. Finally, select your favored movie. Easy, right?

3. Crackle:

alternatives for showbox

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Crackle is an extremely great app to watch movies and t.v series on, it is a perfect substitute for Showbox. Sony Crackle can be used on iPhones, tablets that support Android and iOS and phones that work on Android as well. Using this app you can watch several movies and t.v series as they come out without any problems.

Plus, Sony Crackle also works perfectly on Sony screens and you can access your account on your t.v screens and watch several movies in HD without a hitch. 

Every t.v series and movie is available in at least 1080p, so basically if you have a good internet connection, you’ll be able to pursue your movie passion without a problem if you choose to download and start using Sony Crackle. You can also save movies for later by downloading them and watching them whenever you want. However, there is a slight problem with Sony Crackle, you might have to

4. KODI:

alternatives for showbox

KODI is an extremely versatile app and is used by millions of users across the globe. What makes it so versatile and fun to use is because it has several add-ons that you can install.

There are several guides that can help you arrange your add-ons to get the best movie experience. Plus, KODI works on every device, and it doesn’t matter if you’re using iOS or Andriod or even on a t.v screen. Plus, KODI can be used almost anywhere in the world so you won’t be having any issues there either.

5. HULU:

HULU is a great app to use if you’re looking to replace your no longer working Showbox app. This is because HULU is known to regularly update its content with better and newer movies, so you won’t ever have to miss anything.

Plus, its a tried and tested app that several million enjoy and love, so you know you won’t be working with anything that’ll cause you problems. 

Unlike other apps, however, HULU is a majorly “Web-Based” app which means that you might not be able to enjoy its use like you can with other apps.

6. TVZion:

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TVZion is an amazing app that is working with MX Player, real-debrid and is an excellent replacement for Showbox because it is not only powerful but has several amazing features such as auto-play.

It also has a source filtering feature that other apps do not have, which means that TVZion will list a source as “failed” so you won’t have to go through the hassle of checking it again. It is also updated very regularly, so you’ll never have to miss a show that you love and enjoy.

Not to mention the fact that TVZion also works well several different devices without a hitch.

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