Shane Griffin, The Man Who Believes In Giving Back


Shane Griffin is a successful entrepreneur originally from Canada. He went from running nightclubs in Toronto to going through a personal journey from addiction to recovery in rehab, to now owning some of the largest health-based companies across North America. He is the founder of the Vitamin Patch Club (, the first vitamin patch technology company in North America. He also donates hundreds of thousands of dollars, services and products a month to various charities across North America as his way to give back through his success.

Accomplishments over the years:

Shane Griffin is very much successful in life. He has lived an epic life full of experiences and lessons. He returned to school at 37, graduated and was valedictorian. Later, he launched an entirely different career in health and wellness with two companies  i.e Vitamin Patch Club and Whole Life Balance. He owned some of the best nightclubs in Toronto and was a self-made millionaire at the age of 25. He respects success as survival and growth. He feels that success is measured by the ability to be present, set goals and live with purpose and truth.

The uniqueness of the product:

The main and most unique quality of the product is the ability to absorb 300% more of the intended nutrients through your skin (transdermally) then with the traditional oral pill format, all without having to swallow any pills. The fact is that they are non-GMO, organic, vegan, are additive and gluten-free. This company depends greatly on giving back value to their customers via charitable initiatives as well as a resource for honest health advice.

Overcoming tragedies:

One of the biggest tragedies in Shane Griffin’s life is that he was in an accident in Florida when he was only 21. He was thrown from a vehicle at 80 mph on the first roll and struck by approaching vehicles. This accident rendered him with severe chronic spinal pain, a fractured skull, and intracranial pressure. His recovery was very long and difficult, including monthly skull tappings where they drilled his skull to eliminate the pressure. Another big tragedy of his life was a culmination of 20 years in the nightclub business. This was a self-induced tragedy as he became an alcoholic and drug addict. He honestly had no idea he was one until he sold his nightclubs real estate and tried to begin a new life outside the bubble of partying. It took a full two years for him to ask for help and those two years were fraught with depression, low self-esteem, and no self-worth. He was a multi-millionaire and pathetic. To counter his depression, he went to rehab and reinvented his whole life. He worked tirelessly on his recovery, incorporating day and night school to achieve his degree in Applied Holistic Nutrition, as well as being honored to be valedictorian of his class. He implemented a strict schedule of working out, eating right and seeing a tremendous amount of therapists and mentors. This recovery has been his best achievement thus far in life. He still works every day on self-worth and healthy self-esteem. No longer do his possessions define him but rather his character.

Goals for the future:

Shane Griffin’s main goal is to be able to donate $1,000,000.00 a month to various charities.

Words of wisdom:

According to him:

“I live by one motto ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’”

Making the world a better place today:

Shane Griffin’s is making the world a better place by giving back globally, nationally and regionally with their charitable division of Vitamin Patch Club. They call it Philanthropreneurship, the concept of building a business based on giving back. That is the 10k foot view, but ground level he also offers his life coaching and speaking engagements pro-bono 1 day a week to support people going through recovery. He spent his full 5 years in recovery. This is the bottom line he is concerned the most about.

By Born Realist