10 Self-Destructive Habits That Are Harming You

10. Dodging The Real Problem

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Running away from your emotional pain and not addressing your feeling rightly is just unfair to you and others around you. You’ve got to stop. Face the music. Hiding away is not an option. It has got to stop at some point, better be today!

9. Never Say No to Anything

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Saying No does not make you a bad or a rude person. You may have your reasons for saying no to anybody and they should be practical enough to respect them if not understand your reasons. If you’re one of those people who tag along to every single plan and you have no particular interests of your own but just ‘going with the flow’. You have got to stop right away. Saying ”no” out loud once in a while makes you feel better and confident about yourself. TRY IT!

8. Relying For Your Happiness On Others

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Depending on others for anything does not make you weak, somethings are teamwork but when it comes to making YOUR OWN happiness, it should be from YOU only. Sure, other people can add onto it but you can surely be happy without anyone else around. Happiness is subjective don’t associate it with temporary and inconsistent factors, such as people in your life.

7. Over Working

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Don’t just make work your life. You may like what you do but there is life outside work too. Create a balance between the two worlds. Appreciate what is going on around yourself, give it chance at least.

6. Not Prioritizing your Mental And Physical Health

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Our body has thresholds and so does our mind. We need to respect them. Burning oneself out is not a very wise thing to do. Mental health should be a priority. Burning yourself out physically can lead to exhaustion which leads to stress and anxiety. A healthy body has a healthy brain (vice versa) Beware! Check your routine. Get up. Go for a walk in fresh air and resume later!

5. Self Doubt

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Self-doubt can stop you from trying something new and restrict your horizon. If you start to think YOU cannot do it then the world will bring you down and there would be nobody in this world who would be able to bring you up. Only you can do it for yourself.

4. Negative Talk

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Constantly talking bad about yourself in front of others or to yourself only can lead to turmoil in your life. Thinking the same negative thoughts over and over again can take you nowhere but will keep you in a stagnant position in life. Negative thoughts and talk can rampage your inner peace.

3. Lowering Your Standards

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Contentment should not be confused with settling for less. If you lower your standards and start to settle for less in life, this behavior is very addictive. This leads to giving up. You should reach out to higher targets, give in your best, that will increase your potential and abilities which will make you grow as a person.

2. Giving Too Much Importance To Others’ Opinion

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Respecting others’ opinions is different but doubting your own opinion is a big no. Respect your opinion and that of others.

1. Overthinking

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Out of self-experience, I can surely place this as number 1. Overthinking can lead you to lose the things you already have in life. Think. Reason out possibilities but do not drain yourself out by making up scenarios that have not yet occurred. You can control things in life but not everything.

Article by Born Realist