You Have to See The Tricks Of This Magician and How They’re Done

Magicians are always trying to find loopholes to trick our minds into believing things that might now be real. I believe magic can be used differently for all different purposes. We can learn about magic and how it functions. The tricks can help us get an insight into the boundaries of our cognition.

However, every magician also has its own way of performing his signature moves. In this article, we won’t teach you about the intricacies of magic. In fact, we’ll introduce to you a team of a magician and his partner who are taking the internet by storm with their creative magic tricks.

A good and experienced magician will make you question everything. A new pair of immature magicians who call themselves a Gan and Pokerface Man are making everyone laugh with their hilarious magic tricks gone wrong videos.

You must recall every magic show you’ve attended. Did the magician ever reveal his secrets to you? No? And why would they, but there is something completely different about Gan and Pokerface Man. The most exciting about Gan and Pokerface Man is that they are giving you a chance to learn their tricks. However one of them is not quite happy about it.

Watch the video below to find out why:

Gan’s videos have recently been going viral on the internet. The tricks and illusions are impressively good but the best part about the video is how his sidekick deliberately revealing his tricks. And you have to admit, these videos are pretty funny and we just can’t get enough of them.

The Blend Of Illusion And Comedy is Amazing

The videos usually start with a very serious act, Gan showing off his skills and tricks to the audience. However, the stern face and the addition of his unflappable companion who reveals all his tricks are brilliant.

With these two becoming even more famous through their prankster videos we can already predict they will be booking future shows beforehand.

The show videos first became popular among the Chinese citizens and then eventually took over the massive internet audience worldwide.

However, every video ends with a brawl between the two friends which leaves the audience asking for even more. The duo’s videos have become so popular that you will find many new renditions of it on the internet by their fans.

It’s always suggested that magic should be safe and no one should be harmed while performing it. But, here we see these two young lads completely breaking the rules. The combination of comedy and magic has surprisingly turned out pretty well and the audience is already asking for more videos from the duo.

Image source: Storyful

Here is a picture of them performing one of their newest tricks that you can also view on their youtube channel. Gan tries to focus to make the perfect while his friend completely gives him off live in the video.

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