Sectionals for Every Room and Lifestyle

If you’re looking for a huge comfy sofa to relax and nap on, then you should consider purchasing a sectional. They are perfect for small and large spaces, no matter the mood or style of the room. A sectional adds definition and character to the room, providing a versatile seating arrangement.

These oversized sofas are great for cozy nights in front of the fireplace or watching tv. Once you know the placement for the sectional, it’s that much easier to decide where the other furniture will go. As the room’s centerpiece, the sectional dictates the placement for the tv, coffee and side tables, lamps, and so on. That’s why it’s so important to get the size, shape, and configuration right.

Do you have a game room or dedicated space for a game of pool or poker? Then a sectional would blend well with the casual vibe of the space. If you have children, place one in the basement and watch the younger ones have a ball making forts out of the large cushions. Teens can use the space as a gathering spot for after-school and weekend fun with friends. They’ll have enough seating and downstairs and won’t have to disturb the adults in the living area.

A square or rectangular room’s hard and sharp lines can feel cold and uninviting. Bring some real warmth to the space with a large, cozy sectional. It will soften the room’s look and invite visitors to take a load off their feet. The right sectional can make any space feel welcoming.

A plush, long chaise attachment is a great spot for a quick catnap. They’re also handy when a friend has to spend the night unexpectedly. If you get a reclining sectional, many allow the chaise back to lay flat, bringing another sleeping option into the home.

Large rooms should have large pieces of furniture. Otherwise, a bunch of small pieces can cause the room to look and feel cluttered. The sectional is ideal for filling an expansive space and keeping a streamlined look.

With an open floor plan, you can use a sectional to define and divide separate areas. Add a rug to each space to really ground the design and give it that separate but cohesive feel by sticking to the color palette. Try using the side with the chaise (if you have that model) as the divider. The extended section does not have an arm and therefore doesn’t obstruct the view of the adjoining spaces.

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Article by Born Realist