The Real Difference Between Book Smarts And Genuine Intelligence

The general definition of book smart is someone who is intelligent and very well educated academically. While Intelligence has been defined in many different ways including as one’s capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, planning, creativity, and problem-solving.  For many people, there is no difference between smart and intelligent, because the words seem to be interchangeable. However, there is a difference between the meanings and use of these words, some of the differences are given below:

5. Intelligent People:

Intelligence, on the other hand, is something with which you are born. Your IQ is the measurement of your intelligence and doesn’t change because it is a measure of your ability to learn. This can apply to terms we chronically associate with intelligence, like math, or it can apply to your ability to learn negotiation of emotional issues. In either case, it is inherent, and it simply stems from your genetic makeup.

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4. Book Smart People:

Book smart means someone who is good at following the rules. These are people who get straight A’s, sit in the front, and perhaps enjoy crossword puzzles. They like things that have singular right answers. They like to believe the volume, and precision, of their knowledge, can somehow compensate for their lack of experience applying it in the real world.

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3. Ways To Become Book Smart:

The best way to boost your book smarts is to decide genuinely, not for the agenda of boosting your GPA that you want to pursue a college degree for the purposes of getting a job in. Then you’d have a goal to work towards, as opposed to simply wanting a degree in order to get a decent job, or to avoid not having a degree. Learning just for the sake of learning will go in one ear and out the other, unless someone is interested in learning for its own sake, or because they find learning to be enjoyable.

2. Ways To Become Intelligent:

Much of what is considered intelligence is simply the ability to remember things well. Observing something or paying attention is not enough. The key is to retain that information. Associate things you want to memorize with things you already remember. Associating new information, observation or data with old memories would make it easier to memorize in comparison to creating new memories. Your technique of connecting and associating memories would be unique. Practice, practice and soon you will be developing new techniques to learn and retain new information faster. Only the first attempt is hardest.

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1. Difference Between Book Smart And Intelligent People:

Book smart people can list facts and data. However, they don’t necessarily have a deeper comprehension of the topic. Book smart people have a lot of general knowledge and do well at quizzes, but they might struggle with more complex ideas. Intelligent people have a natural ability for some things, whether that is science, languages or being sociable. Intelligent people use their instincts more when they want to make decisions. On the other hand, book smart people rely more on tried and tested strategies. Book smart people are frequently educated to a high level. Book smart people have usually studied hard to reach their level of knowledge. Some intelligent people are not educated to a higher level. Intelligent people are sometimes street smart because they have learned from experiences rather than books. Intelligent people are often creatively smart, looking for alternative ways of doing things rather than relying on rules or recipes. Intelligent people prefer direct experiences rather than following other’s ideas and experiences. Of course, book smart people may also be intelligent and vice versa.

Article By: Born Realist