Proven ways to pick a great mover!!!

As millions of moves take place every year around the world, nothing is wondering in it that most of the moves go smoother and the reason behind it is by hiring the movers. Hiring professionals is important to have a smoother and successful move, but for this, you need to hire to find out the best professionals out of the heap. The top rated local companies listed with iMoving state that you need to be very specific while selecting the right moving company. So, if you also have decided to move then it is the time to start researching for the professional movers for you who can help you in having a successful move. If this is your first time hiring a moving company, you should always rely on reviews and recommendations to make a decision. Here you can find more information about the services a professional moving company should offer.

Here are the ways to pick a great mover!!!

  1. Start early 

Moving is such a big task in which you have to complete a full series of tasks in a short period. You can’t complete all the moving chaos at the last minute, therefore, it is recommended you to start preparations as soon as possible. If possible, then start finding the movers before the time because, at the last moment, all the reliable movers do not have dates to provide services.

If you start finding earlier then you will have numerous numbers of moving company options to choose from.

Finding the right movers such as Movegreen makes a big difference and increases the chances to make the entire move easier and efficient.

  1. Get referrals 

Getting referrals is one of the best ways to select the best movers for you. Sometimes browsing the internet and researching for a reliable moving company becomes a big problem. Get a referral from any friend, family member, and colleagues regarding the reputed moving companies around your area. You can also ask a real estate agent for a great moving company.

  1. Follow the rule of threes

Don’t just settle down with the first moving company that you find there. Shortlist at least three moving companies then compare all the services as well as cost estimates provided by the companies. This is the best way to pick the best out of the heap.

  1. Things to ask from movers while hiring them

While consulting a moving company, it is important to ask everything them before you hire them. No matter how many questions you have there in your mind, it is just the right time to ask everything to them. By working with Mayflower’s Moving Checklist, you can ensure that you do not miss anything while preparing beforehand and consulting with different moving companies.

List of questions that you should ask

  • Do you provide boxes?
  • What kind of insurance do you provide?
  • What are the services offered by you?
  • In what time frame do you work?
  • Is there any kind of hidden free after the estimated moving quote?
  • Are you available on that specific date and time?
  • Do you work by yourself or hire subcontractors?

These are certain questions that you should ask movers. Once you ask all these questions from more words it is time to evaluate the entire consultation and then make a decision whether the movers provide the services according to your needs and requirements or not.

  1. Look for the red flags

While consulting with the movers, you need to keep an eye out for red flags. While consulting them several things will come to your mind and will help you in deciding whether you should say yes or no to the movers.

For example, most of the reputable moving companies don’t ask for a large cash deposit before the actual move takes place. In the same way, good moving companies will give an estimate after visiting your area and after knowing a few details regarding the move. You should also check the professionalism and unprofessionalism of the movers. If they are not able to answer all your questions and if you are not getting satisfied answers then it is again a red flag and you should move to another movers.

If a moving company switches its name over and over again then again you should not choose such professional movers. Check out all the red flags just by paying attention to each and everything and you will get to know whether you will get great services from them or not.

  1. Check with the better business bureau to know their track record

To check the business record of the moving company, you should check the better business bureau online for free. If a moving company e has a great track record then higher are the chances that you will also get satisfied services from them. In case of a moving company is not listed in the better business bureau then look for the one which is present there in the better business bureau. You should stick to those companies with great ranking.


To have a successful move, it is important to hire the right moving company. The benefit of hiring the right company is that they will solve all the potential problems by themselves else you may find yourself in a big problem and can get caught in a big scam also.  Use these amazing moving tips to find the best movers and have an amazing experience.

Article by Born Realist