How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Imagine yourself at age the age of 80 What will you look back on with pride? What will you wish you had accomplished? Did you follow your dreams? Your passions? Consider taking the following steps from which you can change your passion into profitable business

Get comfortable with stepping outside of your comfort zone:

Doing something that you haven’t done before can be a bit risky and uncomfortable .The unknown often becomes an excuse for not moving forward. But let your fear empower, not hinder you. The most interesting place to play at is your limits, right? So make a habit of staying at ease in uncomfortable situations.

Don’t count on passion alone :

Before launching your business, do a reality check and make sure you have the other components needed for success, such as a willingness to work hard and a market for your services or products.

Be good at what your business does:

This is probably not an issue if the primary work of the business is your passion.

Practice for 100 hours:

The only way to build your skills is gradually over time.  Practice your passion for 100 hours to become a master, and request feedback from mentors to ensure you’re doing it right.

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Invest In It :

When you take investors you are putting your resource towards a venture or property relating to your passion, with the hopes of making a profit on it. You can donate or invest in return for a percentage of profit.

Be creative with money :


A startup today has more options for financing than just big investors, bank loans or venture capital. First, develop a strategic marketing plan that details exactly how much you need to get started. Then, use social media to gather community support and market your brand before it comes to fruition.

Keep the passion alive:

Once your business gets going, you can become mired in the daily tasks of running a company and watch your original excitement dry up. Keep your passion alive by staying involved in every step of business .Remember the elements you loved most at the start of your business, such as creating a new design or a product or meeting new customers in hobbyist groups, and make a conscious effort to include at least some of those activities in your ongoing role.

Start today, not tomorrow:

Life is a journey, not a destination. Realize that success will not come instantly. Those hours will take a while to accumulate, so you must start focusing on your passion project now. You’ll turn your dream project into a business model you can expand on for profitable results.

Remember the details:

There are tons of functions that go along with a profitable business ‎ that must be performed well for it to succeed.

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Article by Born Realist