20 Photos That Prove Depression Has No Face

We have developed this notion that people who suffer from depression are really different from those who do not suffer from it. Depression being a serious disease, is much hard to identify and depressed people do not really have some kind of signature look that can be spotted anywhere. Some people look quite happy and peaceful but if you peek inside them you will see someone crying for help. They have to fight their inner demons on daily basis. Doesn’t matter how hard it is, people with depression don’t show it to the world often. In fact you wouldn’t be able to guess it at all. You would never know that someone is dealing with such continuous pain inside. Try to be sensitive about such people and give them the required help they need.

1. Sometimes depression makes it really hard for someone, even to celebrate happiness seems to be situated at far end where you can not reach easily.


Image Credits: chrissiebm

2. It is quite often that you have to hide your sad face behind the curtains of your happy face. It is sometimes deceiving, so be kind to people, always!


Image Credits: chrissiebm

3. Sometimes the motions can be deceiving too. They hide inside you and never try to come out when you are facing the depression. Try to look after such emotions and channel them through a safe pass.


Image Credits: cheerfulchelsea93

4. Depression can completely take over you. Try to understand the situation and moreover yourself.


Image Credits: rachelmariepete

5. Only one phrase or sentence can affect the person fighting depression so much, that the non depression people would never understand. Be kind and humble to everyone.


Image Credits: scarlett_okera

6. Do not stay quiet when you face depression, have a partner that listens to you anytime and understands you. Try to be open regarding your depression.



Image Credits: the_lip_lounge

7. Depression has no literal forms or faces, it can be anywhere. Be sensitive about it and take it seriously.


Image Credits: Molly Miller

8. Depression can lead towards suicidal thoughts It won’t appear visibly on the face of a person but it will be deep embedded inside.


Image Credits: selfloveclubb

9. Even the most happiest ones will adopt the fate of suicidal death and you will never understand, why?

Image Credits: TalindaB

10. Even the most bright smiles and laughter carries the weight of depression in them.


Image Credits: Monique Holley-Peak

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11. Carefully listen and understand the kind of suicidal depression around you. You may save many lives.


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12. Depression has no age. Try to bond with your children and siblings. They might get affected by it too.


Image Credits: Tasha Bernstein Collins

13. “Depression is cruel and unforgiving.” You don’t really have to act like it, be gentle and kind to others.


Image Credits: selfloveclubb

14.  Don’t dismiss people who are hurting inside.


Image Credits: Lisa Althoff

15. Show compassion towards people facing depression. That might comfort them in a way that you would never imagine.


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16. Struggle is an ultimate solution to the problem of depression.


Image Credits: jessica.woodard.sowards

17. Looks doesn’t matter, everyone needs help at some point in life. Even the happiest look is a deception.


Image Credits: my_mh_journey

18. Depression can’t be measured. It is always about the struggle and efforts you put in to fight with it.


Image Credits: selfloveclubb

19. Depression isn’t something you feel for one day and next day it vanishes. It sticks with you until you fight it yourself.


Image Credits: f0reveruam

20. Depression can not be masked and it is hard to recognize who is facing it and who isn’t. Try to be kind and humble with everyone because any one word of your’s can hurt someone badly.


Image Credits: alice_emma_louise

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