20 Photos That Prove Depression Has No Face

We have developed this notion that people who suffer from depression are really different from those who do not suffer from it. Depression being a serious disease, is much hard to identify and depressed people do not really have some kind of signature look that can be spotted anywhere. Some people look quite happy and peaceful but if you peek inside them you will see someone crying for help. They have to fight their inner demons on daily basis. Doesn’t matter how hard it is, people with depression don’t show it to the world often. In fact you wouldn’t be able to guess it at all. You would never know that someone is dealing with such continuous pain inside. Try to be sensitive about such people and give them the required help they need.

1. Sometimes depression makes it really hard for someone, even to celebrate happiness seems to be situated at far end where you can not reach easily.


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2. It is quite often that you have to hide your sad face behind the curtains of your happy face. It is sometimes deceiving, so be kind to people, always!


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3. Sometimes the motions can be deceiving too. They hide inside you and never try to come out when you are facing the depression. Try to look after such emotions and channel them through a safe pass.

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This is one face of #mentalillness. I don't always look like this and I certainly don't let others see me this way. Why? Because I've been convinced that I need to present myself as being somewhat 'together' when I can. Because this isn't what people want to see on social media. Why did I feel the need to take this photo? Because I had reached rock bottom, again. Because I'd had insomnia for 3 weeks, missed human contact, felt incredibly alone and finally needed to wake my fiancé at 4am to cry for well over an hour. Nope that's not a red nose from a cold, that from fighting through the pain that #depression causes me on a daily basis only to realise that how will people know how badly I'm feeling if I hide it? #timetotalk #mentalhealth #socialanxiety #mentalwellness #mentalhealthawareness #faceofdetermination #faceofdepression

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4. Depression can completely take over you. Try to understand the situation and moreover yourself.

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5. Only one phrase or sentence can affect the person fighting depression so much, that the non depression people would never understand. Be kind and humble to everyone.

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6. Do not stay quiet when you face depression, have a partner that listens to you anytime and understands you. Try to be open regarding your depression.


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See my face? I look happy. You would never know that I suffer from depression. Most people who do hide behind a happy persona. Some of the "happiest" people I have met are actually the saddest deep down. I am coming to the realization that maybe my depression wasn't just post partum. In fact, I'm actually surprised it took me this long to be medicated, considering my childhood and how I grew up. In the last week or so, I've been speaking to a lot of women who have come forward to me to tell me their stories. I've heard from some who have actually been suicidal, even recently. I've heard from people who I was sure was so happy and content with their life, because they have it all. But deep down inside, they were depressed. There is not one specific "face" of depression. We all have our different ways that it manifests, and we also have different ways of hiding it from the ones we love. Why do we hide it? Pride a lot of times. Admitting we don't have it all together means we aren't strong. It means we aren't good wives, or good mothers. (Or husbands or dads) Because we should be able to do it all, right? That's what we think. But it is not true. In fact, admitting you need help takes tremendous strength. I have decided to go back the full strength of my medication. A part of me feels like I have failed. But I know it's not true. I am doing what is best for me, and my family. I could feel myself slipping back to where I was before I started the medication. So I made this important decision. I hope to continue to work on myself so I can eventually be off the medication. But until then, I have to do what I have to do. With the medication, my daily exercise, and my supportive friends and family, I know I am going to be ok. I also want to say, if you are suffering in silence, please tell someone. I promise you are not weak. You will not be judged. Your family and friends will love and support you. #depression #faceofdepression #postprtumdepression #youarenotweak #youarenotalone

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7. Depression has no literal forms or faces, it can be anywhere. Be sensitive about it and take it seriously.

When people think about depression, they tend to have a very specific idea of how it manifests itself. I'm in the middle…

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8. Depression can lead towards suicidal thoughts It won’t appear visibly on the face of a person but it will be deep embedded inside.

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Tw: talk of suicidal tendencies. . "You don't look suicidal"… I remember these words coming from the Dr's mouth right after I'd just told him that I was having thoughts of suicide. I remember in that moment my 14 year old self felt invalidation, dumb and embarrassed; something no one in that mindset should have to feel. I left feeling confused, what was I supposed to look like? A bottle of pills in one hand and a suicide note in the other? Those words nearly cost me my life, that judgment, those stupid stupid words. . I remember the night just last year that I spiralled and overdosed in my living room. I remember thinking to myself "I can't get help, I don't look suicidal, I don't fit the bill, they'll laugh at me". I remember thinking I must have looked the part, must have been wearing the suicidal costume properly when I woke up in Resus as all around me were concerned, worried and sad faces. By then this could have been too late, i might not have been there to see those sad faces if my partner hadn't of saved my life. . This, this is the danger of thinking mental health has a 'face',a 'look'. This is how stigma, ignorance and judgement towards mental health/suicide affects those who are poorly. . In both these photos i'm suicidal, perhaps not in the same way but on both of these days I had suicidal thoughts racing around. . Stop the judgment. Stop the stigma.

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9. Even the most happiest ones will adopt the fate of suicidal death and you will never understand, why?

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10. Even the most bright smiles and laughter carries the weight of depression in them.


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11. Carefully listen and understand the kind of suicidal depression around you. You may save many lives.

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This photo was taken just 7 hours before I tried to take my own life for the 3rd time. This photo was taken in the morning, we went for a walk and for some food with Eli. We laughed and enjoyed our time. That evening I took an overdose that left me in hospital for a week. . I had no idea I'd try to take my own life in the morning, I was smiling and loved the way my hair looked hence the selfie. Having BPD (undiagnosed for so long because the NHS wouldn't listen) means that my mood can switch to suicidal in seconds over the slightest trigger. . Suicidal isn't just crying, for those with a troubled life and long build ups to breaking point, it's also snap decisions made whilst your son sleeps in the same house and your loving partner kissed you goodnight hours before. . We need to learn how suicidal tendencies can present themselves beyond our ignorance to the topic. By listening and learning even the tiniest triggers/signs we can save lives. ❤️

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12. Depression has no age. Try to bond with your children and siblings. They might get affected by it too.

Posted by Tasha Bernstein Collins on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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13. “Depression is cruel and unforgiving.” You don’t really have to act like it, be gentle and kind to others.

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Depression doesn't have a 'LOOK' I can stand up, have a bomb ass day and still be suicidal. Depression is cruel and unforgiving, sometimes the day I 'look' the least depressed I'm suffering the hardest. . There's a stigma of having to look fragile, broken, make up running, bottle of vodka and a suicide note in your hand to be worthy of help/attention for your pain. . Depression is cowering away in bed. Depression is also faking a smile in public. Depression is sometimes being exhausted getting out of bed. Depression is also excessive bursts of energy to try and distract yourself. Depression is crying, self loathing and dread. Depression is also laughing and trying to fit in. Depression is dark black and cold. Depression is also leading a 'normal' life and appearing 'functioning' Depression is agony. Depression is also a friend, a comfort. . Don't judge. You never know what someone is going through behind a smile or a laugh. Be gentle. You've no idea how much a kind word could mean to someone. Depression doesn't have a 'face', stop the stigma.

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14.  Don’t dismiss people who are hurting inside.

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15. Show compassion towards people facing depression. That might comfort them in a way that you would never imagine.

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Short, intense depressive episodes are real and horrible. On the left I was trying to take a photo with Eli. On the right id just had a meltdown/panic attack over my body image from taking photos. 〰 I took a mirror photo to highlight the impact a panic attack/depressive episode can have so quickly, how it doesn't always take a long stressful day/series of events to breakdown; sometimes it can happen in an instant. 〰 Eli sat with me this whole time as I broke down, cried and panicked in short depressive burst. I then felt the overwhelming guilt of him having to see me like this when in reality he just felt concern and wanted to stroke my face/hug me as he's a compassionate soul who will be raised knowing that his momma struggles with her mind and that it's okay! 〰 Mothers with mental health problems, I see you. I'm here, standing with you, standing against all odds and raising the future one day at a time whilst battling with our minds. You're not going unnoticed or unappreciated- you are incredible. 〰 May is mental health awareness month and I've done a video to help reduce stigma on my YouTube channel. Link in bio ?

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16. Struggle is an ultimate solution to the problem of depression.

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17. Looks doesn’t matter, everyone needs help at some point in life. Even the happiest look is a deception.

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Reaching out for help when it comes to mental illness is one of the hardest things to do. I remember going to multiple doctors, seeing lots of different medical professionals in the mental health field and still being told "But you look okay, you've managed to do your hair and make up and get dressed, it can't be that bad" I am still worthy of help if I turn up to my appointments with make up on I am still worthy of help if I have good days I am still worthy of help if my hair has been dyed and washed I am still worthy of help if I'm managing my self care ? Mental illness doesn't have a look What does mental illness look like? It looks different every single day Never tell anyone they don't look ill when they try and speak out about their mental health, how is one supposed to look when mentally ill? We are allowed good days, we're allowed to post about those good days, we're allowed to cherish and hold on to those good days! These photos are two days apart, sometimes this happens hours apart I could be wearing make up and still feel how I do in the first photo but I could also be having a good day You don't know what someone is battling so never assume! We are all worthy of help no matter how we look! Aesthetics should never come into the equation when seeking help for mental health illness! #endthestigma #butyoudontlooksick #stillworthythough #mentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #bpd #cptsd #depression #fuckthestigmaofmentalillness #honest #vulnerable #vulnerableself #mentalhealthsupport #wealldeservehelp #wedeservetobeheard #wegotthis #soworthy

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18. Depression can’t be measured. It is always about the struggle and efforts you put in to fight with it.


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19. Depression isn’t something you feel for one day and next day it vanishes. It sticks with you until you fight it yourself.

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20. Depression can not be masked and it is hard to recognize who is facing it and who isn’t. Try to be kind and humble with everyone because any one word of your’s can hurt someone badly.

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In every one of these photos taken over the last few days I have been feeling unbelievably down, anxious, worthless, unlovable and helpless. Depression isn't one face. I can be bubbly and happy and positive and still depressed. I can be crying uncontrollably in a cupboard for two hours and be depressed, I can be working and productive and depressed. Depression doesn't go away because you have things to do or because you had a nice day. It doesn't go away because you had a happy moment. It doesn't go away because you have it better than that person, because you're lucky to have wonderful people and things in your life. It doesn't go away because you're excited and the weather is nice. It doesn't go away because you spent time with your friends. Depression can wax and wane, it can ebb and flow. But depression is with me every day. This week has been a black week for me – but every one of these photos was taken in the last few days. Depression can be masked so be kind to people. Not every illness is visible and who knows how that stranger, colleague or even close friend really feels? #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth #faceofdepression #butyoudontlooksick #invisibledisability

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