Photographer Resume Writing Tips to Know About

Are you looking for some creative ideas for your photographer resume? You can go through some important photographer resume writing tips from the experts.

To be a professional photographer is a dream job for many individuals out there. If you have the eye for capturing everything around you and know about marketing your creative skills, there are ample opportunities down your career lane.

Some photographers tend to work in-house for companies and studios. On the other hand, there are others who prefer working independently. In the highly competitive job environment, it is increasingly important to design a compelling photographer resume.

Tips for Designing the Perfect Photographer Resume

An important way in which you can excel in your career as a professional photographer is to design an attractive and relevant resume. Here are some tips from the industry experts:

#Aim at Balancing Creativity with Professionalism

It is a no-brainer. Your photographer resume is expected to showcase your creative skills as a professional photographer. At the same time, it should not venture too far from following the standard resume format that is accepted across most industries.

Firstly, you are expected to make use of a modern standard resume format or template. The template should feature a large image header for setting the visual tone for the remaining document. The background should highlight your name and the subsequent brand (if any). Ensure that the hiring manager will remember the same.

When you make use of a two-column resume format, you can easily display the contact details in the top-right corner of the document. Rather than only including your basic information, you should also include links to the LinkedIn profile, Instagram links, and the photography portfolio.

Candidates across different industries (including photography) should avoid including personal social media links. However, if you have an impressive Instagram or social media following, you can make the same a valuable addition to the photographer resume.

The resume content should be strictly formal. At the same time, the portfolio of the candidate should act as the online supplement –including anything from the list of reputed clients to the best work instances.

#Capture the Experience Effectively

The experience section of the resume serves to be the document’s foundation. It delivers an opportunity to offer the recruiter a clear as well as an accurate snapshot of the respective achievements and career. If you wish to stand out from other candidates, it is important that you design the resume accomplishment-oriented. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Using Powerful Action Verbs: These are responsible for offering your job description improved character. As you commence the experience bullet point with a relevant action verb, it will reveal that you have ample initiative. It is an important trait that photographers require for getting access to the best gigs.
  • Using Quantification: It is meaningless to state job responsibilities in the resume unless you are not proving how you ended up handling them. Recruiters love when you quantify or measure your achievements with percentages, numbers, timeframes, and money. This is because it reveals exactly what you will be offering to the company.
  • Using the PAR Method: You should now combine the exact vocabulary with quantifiable achievements. You can use the given formula for your bullet points:
  1. Problem –identifying a job issue or responsibility
  2. Action –explaining how you have addressed the given problem
  3. Results –stating the outcome of the action


#Pay Attention to the Resume Summary

The resume introduction that you write in the document is the first thing that the potential recruiter will be going through. It serves to be your elevator pitch. Therefore, it is crucial to get the same right while delivering a positive first impression on the employers.

Based on your overall level of expertise, here are some common formats that you can follow:

  • Summary of Qualifications: It is ideal when you have ample skills as well as accomplishments, and you are applying for some senior photography role.
  • Resume Profile: It serves to be a flexible introduction that appears handy when you are uploading the freelance photography resume to LinkedIn and job search sites.
  • Resume Objective: It is ideal for entry-level applicants to get their first gig as it is targeted at a particular position.


If you wish to be a successful candidate for the job position of a professional photographer, you need to develop a compelling photographer resume. Moreover, you should also aim at getting relevant exposure to ensure the best outcomes. Think about the effort you put in for getting the perfect shot. The same applies to your photographer resume.

Once you have designed your resume, make it a point to proofread the same before sending. It is a quick and simple way to ensure that you are putting the most professional foot forth.

Article by Born Realist