Parenting Tips – How To Encourage A Good Siblings Relationship

Parents can help bring out the best in every siblings duo, so that they have  friendly, healthy and all in all a good relationship. A good parenting would reflect teamwork, working out conflicts in a respectful manner and eternal vows strengthened to protect each other. Together both the siblings will learn to be a better version of themselves. So, here are some tips to ace your parenting game and to nurture healthy and hearty siblings relationships.

  • Don’t Compare Them – Things like “how good is your sister is” and “your brother loves me more than you do” can spark siblings rivalry and bitterness in siblings relationship, making it worse. Comparison needs to stop amongst the siblings, simply because it hasn’t done anything positive and won’t even do, seriously! Showing one sibling how well the other one is not meting out a fair treatment while nurturing a healthy siblings relationship.
  • Introducing Cultures To Bind Them Together – No new fact that every festival helps people to bond better with each other. One such that celebrates siblings is Raksha Bandhan wherein parents teach their children to celebrate their loving relationship by tying a beautiful designer, Kundan or Zardosi rakhi after shopping rakhi online in India. To build some excitement, parents urge both the siblings to start their rakhi gifts shopping or designer rakhi online shopping, way before the festival arrives. Other than Rakhi, people even bring siblings together to celebrate Bhai Dhooj and Siblings day like occasion with great fervour.
  • Dig Deep Into The Core Of Siblings Conflicts – Is it due to personal favoritism? Or they are competing against each other to prove you that one is better than the other one? Be it whatever, as a parent it is your unsaid responsibility to dig deep and look to the core of the conflicts between the two. Make sure to address them by making them sit face to face, hearing them out and suggesting some effective ways to minimise these conflicts. If face to face wouldn’t be a great way to deal with their conflicts, then first hear both of them out one to one and then finally, face to face.
  • Preach Them To Appreciate The Differences – While one might be nerdy, always into books, the other one will be quite outgoing, so teach them to appreciate the differences between them. As not all the fingers of our hands our same, neither us the humans beings are. Regardless of what may come in between, urge them to love each other, embrace each other’s flaws and hold each other through the tough times, because that’s what a family is for.
  • Teach Them To Be All Ears For Each Other – Empathising and hearing each other is what makes it so special about sibling relationships. Insist them to think from someone else’s point of view and give some valuable advice or suggestions, when asked for. Understanding each other is what makes siblings validate each other’s opinions and respect them even more. Moreover, it always generally feels nice to be heard or validated. Doesn’t it?

So, these were a few effective parenting tips to establish a good sibling relationship between your little ones.