This Pakistani Actor just made a mark in the International film Industry

Pakistani entertainment industry has been growing a lot ever since the new and talented actors, directors and producers came into limelight. Since the past 7-8 years the industry has started gaining momentum and has received tremendous response from the audience. Along all the talented people joining the industry there’s a talented actor and producer named Hamza Firdous. 

Hamza’s Work:-

Hamza has been playing different roles in TV series. He can be spotted playing lead in Owais Khan’s “Mujhe Thaam Ley”(Pakistani Drama) on Play Entertainment.


Apart from that he will also be acting in Kashif Nisar’s “O Rangreaza” which will be airing on Hum tv soon. Hamza got his hands in direction as well when he directed a drama for Firdous Jamal Films called “Yeh Kya Tamasha hai”. But all this is Hamza’s newly starting acting & directing career as a Pakistani actor & director. So what really is that makes him worthy of praise?

As a Producer :-

Hamza’s most recent success is the selection of the movie “RADHA” in the short films corner at Cannes Film Festival“RADHA” is a short film produced by Hamza Firdous together with Anna Harris for Black Ostrich Entertainment. It is a supernatural horror short film about Saoirse, a young woman on the run from her past who finds solace in the arms of a mysterious dancer. Here’s the teaser of the movie: –

For a Pakistani filmmaker to create a film that get’s nominated at Cannes Film Festival is pretty much a big deal. Apart from that the film has been nominated in several renowned film festival since last year, including H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, BELIFF, Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Auckland International Film Festival, Shiver International Film Festival, XIV Cine Pobre Film Festival, MEME PAS PEUR International Film Festival.

Hamza’s Personal life: –

Hamza is the son of a Pakistani veteran actor Firdous Jamal. He has lived in Ireland for 10 years and has acted in theatre and TV there. He has also produced short films and a web series.

Conclusion: –

Pakistan has many rising stars such as Hamza joining the industry. If talents like these keep coming up then future of Pakistan’s entertainment industry is definitely going to be bright.