Packing for Ski Holidays? 5 Things that Experienced Skiers Never Forget

The time you were waiting for is finally here; the temperatures are dropping, and snowflakes will soon start falling down. It is not long now until you will be able to hit the slopes. 

Whether you know how to ski or you are going to take up your first skiing lesson at your upcoming holidays, it is safe to assume that you will have the time of your life. The only reason why you may not have an amazing time is if you discover that you forgot to pack something important. In order to prevent this from happening, you will find five things that experienced skiers always have with them when they go skiing. 

  • Ski Passes

Thanks to technology you can have a digital document of your ski passes on your phone. Ski passes will make your trip much easier and fun as you can find and book on Erna Low the ski pass that accommodates your personal needs. For example, if you are travelling with your child and partner, you will all enjoy family-friendly privileges by paying a small amount of money for a family ski pass. 

  • Ski Gear

If you’ve only started getting into the world of skiing, you do not have to worry about acquiring all the skiing equipment. It would be wiser to rent everything you need from the ski resort the first couple of times, so that you can be sure that skiing is a hobby that you are genuinely interested in. Once you know that you want to become better at skiing, you can invest in buying your own gear. 

  • Ski Wear

Again, you don’t have to go crazy with the ski wear purchases until you know for sure that you are serious about this sport. However, a ski jacket would be useful as it can keep you warm in winter whether you are in a ski resort or at the city centre of your hometown while it’s super cold outside.

  • Base Layers

Base Layers are essentials since the closer you get to the peak of a mountain the lower temperatures get. Base layers will keep you warm. There are many types of base layers (one-piece, shirts, leggings, underwear). You can buy whatever you like as long as your whole body is covered. You should pack at least two base layers so that you can change into a clean one when you feel that the one you are currently wearing is sweaty. 

  • Sunscreen

Everyone must wear sunscreen even in winter because although we do not feel the sun’s warmth, its sun rays reach our skin and they can harm it. Since skiing requires people to get up on the mountains, meaning closer to the sun, the need to apply generous amounts of sunscreen on their skin becomes more imperative. An additional way to protect your skin is to apply face and body moisturiser at the beginning or the end of each day. 

Article by Born Realist