Hair Loss Treatment – A Comprehensive Guide


There are many hair loss treatments available. It is also a fact that many types of hair loss are permanent. In some conditions, it is possible to regrow hair without using any treatment. In the disease Patchy Alopecia, it is possible to get your hair back because they regrow after a year without any treatment. Some of the hair loss treatments are using wigs, hairpieces, laser treatment, medication, and surgery. In order to get the better result, your doctor can use any these treatments and a combination of these treatments. The main theme and purpose of all these treatments are to enhance hair growth. With these treatments, you can slow down the hair loss and also you can hide it.

Treating Hair Loss with Medication


Sometimes there are some underline diseases that cause hair loss so treatment of such diseases is necessary in order to stop hair loss. Many drugs are available that can reduce inflammation and can boost your immune system. Sometimes patients with different diseases are using medicines that are causing hair loss. In this condition, doctors recommend stopping using such medicines for at least three months. Numbers of medicines are available to treat baldness. Two common medicines that are approved by FDA that can be used to treat hair loss are Minoxidil and Propecia.

Treatment of Hair Loss through Surgery


The mot important type of hair loss treatment is surgery. In this treatment, only the top portion of the head is affected. With hair transplantation and restoration surgery, you can keep most of your hair that is left behind. It is a very delicate process in which the surgeon takes hair samples from the back and side of the scalp. These hair samples are then implanted in the section of scalp with no hair. It may happen that your surgeon recommends you some medication before and after hair transplant surgery. This is just to get better results. The concern associated with surgery is that it can be painful and expensive. Sometimes the patient develops scarring and some types of infections.

Using Hairpieces and Wigs


If you are not willing for surgery or medication then you can try wearing wigs and hairpieces. Both temporary and permanent hair loss can be covered through them. In the market, you will find many quality wigs that can give you a natural look. Sometimes the hair loss is a result of any medical condition. In such cases, your insurance company can cover the cost of wig or hairpiece. Only you need a prescription from your doctor to present it to your insurance company.

Pay Attention to your Diet


We all want soft hair, glowing skin, and shiny hair. It is possible only if we are taking healthy diet, a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients and minerals. It is very unfortunate that most of the people are not taking healthy diet and they even don’t know about it. Deficiency of Vitamins and Protein in our diet can cause hair loss and we have to think about out diet if we want to treat it.