Effective Hair Fall Solution at home:

Effective Hair Fall Solution at home:

As you know that hair loss comes in all shapes as well as sizes, and can be caused by many factors. The study reveals that auto immune problems, thyroid, deficiency of Iron, poor diet, stress, and genetic pre-disposition can cause an effect on hair scalp as well as quality, each in a different way along with a different solution.

But due to the improvement in technology and science there are some great Shampoo for Hair Loss is available in the markets that focus on the hair cycle growth phases. It is important to note that there are about 100,000 strands of hair on almost every scalp and it is always considered very normal to lose 60 to 110

strands on daily basis but if someone starts losing more than that then it is time for him to take some special action so it does not make progress towards baldness or even the bald spots and many readily available ingredients can be used as Effective Hair Fall Solution. In this article you will read different effective home remedies that will really help you to reduce the hair loss.

Oil massage is an Effective Hair Fall Solution:

The study shows that the first step that one can take to reduce hair loss is to massage his scalp gently with appropriate hair oil as proper hair and scalp massage always play a vital role to increase the blood flow to the hair follicles, condition the scalp, and it also boost the strength of the roots of his hair.

Another main advantage of this massage is that it will also endorse relaxation and reduce feelings of stress as well. It is also important to note that you can use hair oils like coconut, almond oil, castor oil, amla oil, olive oil, or any other, you just have to add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to the base oil for better results at much rapid rate.

However, other types of oil that you can use for massage are emu oil, wheat germ oil and argan oil. For getting 100 % results you have to massage any of the hair oils mentioned above onto your hair as well as scalp by applying light pressure with your fingertips and do this process at least once a week and keep it in mind that it is very Effective Hair Fall Solution.

Juice of onion for hair loss:

Onion juice is also an Effective Hair Fall Solution as it helps for the treatment of hair loss due to its high sulfur content that always helps to improve the blood circulation to the hair follicles as well as it play a vital role to regenerate the hair follicles and reduce inflammation.

Another main advantage of onion juice is that the antibacterial properties in onion juice also help to kill the germs as well as parasites, moreover it also treat the scalp infections that can cause hair loss. For getting maximum results you have to extract the juice of one onion by grating it and then strain it after that you have to apply this juice directly onto the scalp and leave it on for about half an hour and then wash it off and shampoo your hair.